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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Doing the Drop Off - Like a Boss!

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Yesterday was officially my first day of being Mum.

Crap, that came out so wrong cause I didn't actually give birth yesterday and I have been a mum for nearly 12 years now. So give me a sec whilst I pull my slipperless foot out of my mouth and start again.

Yesterday was my first official day of doing nothing else but concentrating on being a mum.

There that's better.

For the first time in a long time I woke up excited about getting the kids ready for school AND actually taking them there myself. I have fantasized for like forever about walking my kids into school and not rushing off to get back to work. Just a relaxed drop off with no where to be but there with them.

This is of course as opposed to the days when I would actually be able to steal 10 minutes from work to drop the kids off to school.

On THOSE days I would screech the brakes on outside the kiss and drop zone, and twist and lean awkwardly into the back of the car to separate the tangle of kids who would be busy engaging in something that looks frighteningly like an out of control illegal cock fight.

Sheesh AGAIN with the bad use of words!

Our usual farewell ritual would involve me shoving them out of the car with a silent kiss and a wave, and mouthing quietly but sternly about being good boys. I would then drive 10 metres down the road where I would slam the brakes on, again, this time to avoid taking out the lollipop lady, honk the horn and throw a forgotten school bag out the window, all the while trying to hold a semi intelligent conversation with a client on the phone.

I am exhausted just thinking about it.

But yesterday was different.

I enjoyed school drop off yesterday.

The four of us walked hand in hand to school with big smiles on our face chatting about what they will have for afternoon tea before they head out to sports games.

Oh OK, I may have forced them slightly to hold my hands and my smile could possibly have been mistaken for a bells palsy grimace as I tried to decipher 3 loud children's voices all shouting at me at once about wanting crumpets, no - scones, no - pavlova for afternoon tea ..... but I am pretty sure the sentiment was there.

I walked into that school with my shoulders back and my chin higher than it has ever been ... correction, I walked into that school like a boss!

I took my place among all the other parents who were kissing kids goodbye, double checking lunch orders and if teeth had been cleaned and then pretending to watch assembly while we whispered about school holiday hangovers activities.

Yesterday was different.

I felt different.

I was really a part of it and I felt more there than I ever have been in the whole time my kids have been at school.

What does your morning school drop off ritual look like?
Is it Crrrrrraaaaaazzy too?