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Thursday 2 May 2013

The Day I Hacked at My Hair With Kitchen Scissors

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So many things at the moment point to me being smack bang in the middle of an atypical mid life crisis.

The signs are all there amid the meltdowns, life changes and desperate bolts to Bali (I'll tell you about that soon).

I have been busying myself lately putting together my 40s bucket list (a list I will also share with you in the next week or so) and this list includes a whole stack of things that I have always wanted to do and try as well as some totally 'out there' changes I have only ever dreamed of making.

Initially I wanted to actually do all of these things before I turned 40, but seeing as I have spent so long bloody procrastinating and now I have just over a month left until that happens, I have decided I am going to spend my 40th year working through that list.

Why the hell not I say!

Why rush these things?

Why not spend the whole year of being 40 doing the things I have always dreamed of. Fabulous things, things that make me pee my pants with fear but also make me feel alive and hopefully even a couple of years younger than 40.

I'm excited.

Perhaps a little too excited given I launched a late night assault on my hair with the kitchen scissors two nights ago.

You know when you get those late night ideas in your head and you get really amped up and can't wait a second longer to act them out?

Yep those!

You want an example?

How about when you are quietly watching some random soppy Hallmark movie and the lead actress has a hair style that you really like ... like really really like, and then because you have had a few too many wines you're suddenly all "Oh I would look so awesome with her hairstyle". And so you go into the kitchen and grab the scissors out of the drawer (the same ones you use to cut up chicken carcasses and flower stems) and then you start hacking at your hair?

ahhh yep one of those ideas.

I am so not a naturally gifted hairdresser OR someone who should make ANY kind of decision after a wine or 3.

But I didn't go completely unskilled into this hair styling charade.

I did commit to doing a crash course in hairdressing in the 5 minutes before the hair assault actually took place. I googled (of course) "How to cut your own hair" and ended up following a "Cut Your Own Bangs" You tube tutorial.

Cutting edge stuff I tell you! (pardon the pun).

So now I am sporting a weird uneven hairdo that desperately needs fixing and I have come to the conclusion that this is the right time to cross the first thing off my 40's bucket list.

Get a New Do!

I have had long hair for at least the past 14 years and it is time for the big chop. I've booked myself in tonight and I am armed with loads of pictures of gorgeous movies stars who I will NEVER look like in a million billion years.

But I'm gonna beg the poor unsuspecting hairdresser to at least try and make it happen!

Not that it really matters, because pretty much any style has to be better than the current 'LateNightDrankTooManyWinesAndShouldntBeAllowedNearSharpObjects' look I've got going on.

I'll reveal the new do on the blog tomorrow.... or maybe a sneak peek on instagram tonight if I'm feeling game.

Midlife Crisis Bucket List - I'm Ready for ya!

Have you Ever given yourself a Home Hair Job? If so how did it turn out?
Any budding hairdressers in your family that shouldn't be allowed near sharp objects?