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Thursday 23 May 2013

In My Blog Reader - Food Glorious Food

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There is nothing I love more than putting a delicious meal in my belly. 

Those meals where you sit there poshly cutting up the pieces really small, just so you can make them last and then you lick the plate when no one is looking so that you get every last bit of the sauce. Man now I have a serious craving for scallops with garlic cream sauce...

Whilst I love those kinds of meals, I've never really had the time, the desire or *ahem* the ability to create them myself and for that reason I have never really been overly interested in foodie blogs. 

But now that I am right at the beginning of my midlife crisis quit my job and have more time on my hands phase, I have a sudden urge to rediscover my inner Nigella.

And so I have discovered foodie blogs and all their delicious images that make me dribble like a teething toddler all over my computer and iPad. I am even enjoying wandering through the grocers picking things up and smelling them and pretending like I have half a clue what the bloody things are called or how the hell you cook them.

I have however come to the conclusion that I like looking at food blogs more than I like actually recreating the food, but then again with a little practise who knows? 

In the meantime these blogs inspire me to make a cheese toasty look like a masterpiece and my family are enjoying eating meals that have been styled to the last inch.

Here are some of the Food Blogs I am drooling over in my reader at the moment. Just click on the titles or the images to go to the blogs.

84th &3rd

Here are the other Categories from the 'In My Blog Reader' series that I have covered so far;

And you can find even more gorgeous blogs by checking out my Blog Roll on the sidebar, which is getting so big I am going to have to give it it's own page soon.

Alright my ass an my appetite are going to hate you, but I have to ask anyway - do you know of any tasty food blogs I should know about?

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