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Friday 31 May 2013

I'm Turning 40 And I'm Running Away

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As you read this I am madly shoving things in my suitcase as I have decided to ramp up this midlife crisis a notch, and run away.

Technically Speaking, since I am taking the husband and kids with me, I should really call it a holiday, but in terms of a midlife crisis - Running Away sounds much better.

Sunday week I turn the big 40 and being the incredibly brave woman that I am, I'm putting on a smile, pulling up by big girl panties and doing the Harry Holt to Bali.


Don't Judge me!

You see I have this vision of waking up on the morning of my birthday, packing up my little leather satchel (which I totally intend on buying in Bali) and heading off to the hills to have a Julie Roberts moment (aka Eat, Pray, Love) and ride a bike through the rice fields.

That is of course if I don't get distracted on my way past the pool by the brightly coloured drinks and little cocktail umbrellas.

Oh look, here's me enjoying one of those fancy shmancy drinks on my last holiday.

Again - QUIT judging me. I was a little bloated that day - big deal!

I am well aware my Midlife Crisis is taking on a bit of an extravagant theme. It was brought to my attention when I had a conversation with my husband Carl the other day.

He said "Shit Sonia, when I turned 40 I bought a stand up paddle board. You turn 40 and you quit your job, cut your hair off and book an overseas holiday. I'm too scared to ask what is next".

Hmmm I see his point.

The simple fact of the matter is, you really only get one proper shot at a Midlife Crisis, and although I am contemplating making this annual event, or at the very least drag this one out for the FULL year of being 40, I need to make the most of it and milk it for every wonderful insane moment.

Those dreams we speak off, they don't land in your lap. Well not in my lap anyway, so I have to go out there and chase them.

And yes (in case you are wondering) I am aware that considering I recently quit my job, I probably shouldn't be making such expensive decisions - but I figure life is too short to not grab those dreams by the proverbial and stamp my name all over them. You know, just in case anyway tries to steal them away from me.

I'm suspicious like that.

So while I am away living some of my dreams, I have some very special Guest posters lined up to share their own dreams with you. I'd love you to pop back on Monday and say hi to my first guest and show her some loving.

Now if you would excuse me, I have some mad last minute packing to finish and some house sitters to hide my vodka and gummi bears from.