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Monday 24 June 2013

Fancy Winning an Ambi Pur Home Transformation?

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***Thank you for your entries. This giveaway is now CLOSED***
Congratulations to our winner Lynda Walters Rennick

Fancy winning a Home clean / Transformation from Ambi Pur? Read on to enter.

The day before we left for Bali, the most incredible fantasy played out in my life. There was a knock on my door and 3 young guys standing there with truckloads of cleaning equipment instructed me to put my feet up, sip on a margarita and let them clean my house from top to bottom.

No shit!

OK, it was a little more preplanned than that, but I still had 3 amazing guys come and clean my house and my car from top to bottom.

They seriously left nothing untouched.

Cobwebs in corners cleared away? Check.

Toilets, bathrooms, window sills dusted and scrubbed? Check.

The floor of the car cleaned of rubbish and sand? Check.

The oven cleaned to within an inch of it's life- Holy Moses CHECK!

I have to confess that I did a tidy up before they arrived cause I am a little bit anal like that, but I didn't think they were going to touch the oven and that part was more than a little embarrassing. I'm not sure that oven has ever been cleaned in the 8 years we have owned this house, but now its clean I semi motivated to keep it that way.

When the boys left - the house smelt pristine, partly to their cleaning skills and also the amazing scents wafting around the house from the Ambi Pur plugs in they had placed around.

The car no longer smells or looks like a rubbish pit, though how long that will last with 3 boys I don't know know. But at least it will continue to smell nice for the next 80 days with the Ambi Pur Mini car plug in.

Coming home from overseas to a clean and sweet smelling house was a treat within itself and I don't even need to begin to explain how bloody good it feels to know that cleaning fairies really do exist.

See children - Fairytales aren't all fiction.

Now my friends, how would YOU like the chance to win a 2 hour visit from the cleaning fairies aka the Ambi Pur Home Transformation team?

One lucky winner will win a 2 hour house clean so you too can sip on a margarita with your feet up and totally live the dream.

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