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Monday 17 June 2013

Holidaying in Paradise - Bali

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Our trip to Bali was truly a magical experience and one we wont forget in a hurry.

OK I lie a little - as we were shouting at kids to get up this morning and trying to find school shoes and something remotely edible to put on sandwiches, Bali was kind of a distant memory. But it's one we can always reminisce about when we look back at the photos.

We stayed at the Nikko Nusa Dua for the first week and then a villa in Seminyak for the second week and both were completely different experiences.

Nusa Dua is paradise, quiet, peaceful and serene. Seminyak on the other hand was the complete opposite - busy, noisy and the shopping was downright insane. Both however were equally as awesome.

Hands down though Ubud won my heart. It was there I had dreamed of and there I most wanted to go. It is the essence of Bali in every way I ever imagined and that place certainly didn't disappoint me in anyway at all.

So whilst I look through my overflowing inbox, sort through the mountains of laundry and just generally get back into the swing of things, here's like eleventy one photos to entice you to put Bali on your holiday must doe's list.
Nusa Dua

Nikko Hotel Beach Nusa Dua

Nikko Hotel Nusa Dua

Nikko Villas Nusa Dua
Ubud Rice Paddies Bali

Sanur Bali

Fishing Boats Bali

Nusa Dua Sunrise

Holidaying in Bali 1

Temples and Kids in Bali

Bali Temples

Ubud Hills Bali

Holidaying in Bali 3

Bali for Kids

Ubud Waterfall Bali

Monkey Forest Bali

Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali

Ubud Shopping

Bali Statues

Nikko Resort Nusa Dua

Balinese Statues

Bali Palm Trees

Elephant Rides in Bali


Bali Zoo Baby Animals

Bali Zoo Wildlife

Lotus Flower Bali

If you could go anywhere right now and money and time were no hindrance, 
where would you escape to?