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Monday 10 June 2013

Women Who Dare to Dream 6 - Bron from Maxabella Loves

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I am so excited that Bron from Maxabella Loves agreed to share her story with us as I just adore this woman.

Bron is someone I so admire in that she IS exactly who she says she is. She is gutsy and strong with substance to every last inch, yet at the same time Bron has a gentile vulnerability that is so damn relatable.

Bron also made that HUGE leap from the corporate world, and although she is much further along in her journey than I am, she is someone who's words I turn to regularly for both inspiration and a reminder to do exactly what it is you love... whatever that may be.

I guess I am an optimist by nature, but a very cautious one at best. 

I’m a ‘worst case scenario’ kind of optimist. The kind who assesses absolutely everything about a situation upfront, taking a bite out of the most dreadful outcome imaginable, chewing it around for a while and then spitting it out as I leap with utter abandon, knowing the world will catch me. Because even if it doesn’t, I’m good.

Most of my pondering is done quietly and at leisure, so it’s no surprise to me that most people consider me a complete optimist. “You’re so positive,” a friend said the day I walked out of a twenty year corporate career with almost no idea of what my next steps would be.

“I’ve done all my negative thinking,” I assured her. “I’m good from here.”

When you decide to leave a secure, well-paid job for… something else, it’s not a decision you make overnight. I wanted to leave for a good three years before I finally did. I thought about it regularly, I imagined the kind of things that ‘something else’ might involve, the kind of life I might lead.

I knew I wanted to write, or maybe consult back into the corporate world on change management and flexible work practices; no, definitely write. I was already doing a few bits and bobs in the writing world while remaining in my day job – enough to build my confidence and make me believe that something else was possible.

In the end, after years of thinking about it and considering it and wondering what if, it all ended rather abruptly. One day I simply got fed up enough to just resign.

I wasn’t ready, there was so much more thinking to do, but there I was – just done.

The world has caught me so far, as it mostly always does when you have confidence in your ability to try new things and think new thoughts. That’s all these things ever are – something new to get your head around in the calmest way possible.

Even for an over-thinker like me, the worst-possible scenario very rarely comes true. That dreadful scenario involves children and death and hollowness – things that are quite removed from the simple fact of how we make our living.

Career choices, in the end, are about as meaningful as personal satisfaction ever is and perspective is a beautiful thing.

You can find Bron on Facebook and Pinterest too.

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