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Monday 15 July 2013

Hello Yellow - A DIY Win for my Home Office Makeover

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Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you my home office. After quitting my job and reclaiming the space purely for me, I decided the room needed a bit of a lift and mellow yellow was my colour of choice.

Well I am officially in makeover mode and getting all busy like splashing that yellow around like there is no tomorrow.

My home office is primarily a soft grey, so I was thinking that a little sunshine in there would make it the perfect place to spend my days working on my new businesses ideas, my crafts and writing.

I had spied some gorgeous yellow wire bins around the traps, but quite frankly I don't have a cool $50 bucks or more to throw in the bin...

Sorry bad joke.

Here's what I had in mind - something a little like this one below.
Nice yes?

But as you also know, I am now a born again cheapskate who has to figure out how to satisfy my Birkin tastes on a Burlap budget. 

I have to tell you, I'm a little proud of myself as I think I went and really NAILED it good this time in the budget department.

I found myself a $4.00 black wire bin from Kmart (yep it really was only $4 bucks) and with a little spray paint, I turned that bargain bin into the yellow wire basket of my dreams.

Yeah I know, I'm dribbling again. But seriously, this project got me a little overexcited because it was just so damn easy.

I picked up the primer and the paint from an auto shop for $10.00 each and I have loads left for anything else I want to yellowfy.

Sorry about the crappy photos. I could not get the damn camera to focus on the bloody bin - hence the placement of the big vase of flowers next to it.

Kitsch - yes I know.

Next on the to do list is to tackle some curtains. I have looked high and low for some yellow pre-made curtains that I actually like and I have come up with nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Holy Crap - I am going to have to actually make those things myself. Being the complete novice that I am I have like zero experience in the curtain department, so here's hoping I don't destroy some perfectly good fabric.

Here's the fabric I have ready to be destroyed turned into curtains.

So now I need one more colour for random pops to break up the yellow and grey and I can't decide on turquoise or Hot pink. Your thoughts?

Wish me luck. I am so going to need it!

Have you attempted curtains before? If so - have you any advice for this amateur?
Turquoise or Hot pink for random colour pops?