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Thursday 25 July 2013

Feeling Foxy

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I have a bit of a thing going for foxes and foxy men for that matter.

Nothing at all of course to do with George Clooney *ahem* and everything to do with my own sexy silver fox Carl - who's birthday it just so happens to be today.

Actually my love of foxes started the day I met Cedric.

I was dining in a cafe and he was perched on a table nearby. Our eyes met, sparks flew and I knew at that moment he would be coming home with me.

THIS is Cedric.

How could you NOT fall for him?

So yesterday I had a mountain of work to get through and I was doing my absolute best to avoid it at all costs. I spied a rubber stamp block when I was in my craft cupboard looking for some wrapping paper for the hubby's birthday present, and I had an idea to make my own foxy rubber stamp and some foxy wrapping paper for my man.

I have had these supplies sitting in my cupboard forever, but I have just never gotten around to doing anything with them, as is the usual case with me.

An hour or so later, my work was STILL waiting patiently to be done, but I had a homemade stamp that kinda resembles a fox and I started stamping my little heart making my wrapping paper.

Seriously, don't be afraid of making your own stamps - It is super easy!

You can get the carving tools here from Talk To The Sun on Etsy, and the Rubber Stamp Blocks from here at Supplies Emho also on Etsy. I'm also pretty sure you could get both things you need from any craft and arts supplier, by I just love a good excuse to legitimately spend money on Etsy.

Once you've got your supplies, its just a matter of coming up with a design and going for it. In my case I decided to draw a fox and after about 50 lame attempts, I came up with a design I was happy with.

Here's a bit of a tutorial I put together for you.

If you want to make your own fox stamp, feel free to copy and paste my fox below and print it off on some paper. Go around the outlines with a 2B or graphite pencil, flip it over and retrace over the design to transfer it onto your stamp block.

Or you can just create your own design of course.

I also conveniently have a thing for stamp pads so I chose some green ink that I had hoarded away, grabbed a roll of brown paper and started stamping the guts out of it until I had enough paper to wrap my husband's pressie.

A few vintage style stickers on a luggage stag later and I have one handmade gift wrapped pressie for my own sexy fox.

Just have fun with it and don't try and make it to perfect. Rustic in my opinion looks much better.

If I missed anything in the tutorial or you have any questions, just use the comments section to ask and I'll get back to you asap.

Happy Stamping!