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Tuesday 30 July 2013

The Ladies Do Lunch

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This post is brought to you by Mastercard

As we continued to road test MasterCard's Priceless Sydney's program, it was Danni's turn to show me the town and as someone with 3 youngish kids who doesn't get to eat out at fancy restaurants much these days, I was literally chomping at the bit for this day out.

I have drooled many a bucket full over Aria as I have seen it featured on Masterchef and other TV shows but I have never been lucky enough to go there in real life ... until this day.

When Danni told me where we were going, I may have been a little too uncool with my reaction. When we actually walked into the restaurant and were shown to our table, I may have been even a little uncooler.

Let me just start by telling you, that it is only $55.00 per person for this mother of all meal deals. No Bull!

Now can you see why I was behaving like a bogan. I can actually afford to go here again!

I wouldn't be doing this place justice if I didn't just shut up and share the pictures I took with you. AND after the complete ass I made of myself in front of a restaurant full of people styling the table for the perfect shot and taking photos from every angle, you simply HAVE to sit through my slide show OK? OK.

After all I did it all for you... *ahem* alright then and maybe a little for me so I could show my husband where and why I want him to take me on our next escape from the kids and act like grown ups night out.

When the sommelier talked us through the wines, I had NO idea what she was saying, but I sure felt super fancy.

But no where near as fancy as this, our entrees!

Are you drooling yet?

And just to prove how restrained I was that I didn't just tuck the bib in and plant my face into these plates straight away, I took these photos for you of our mains.

 1:Truffled potato mash, 2: Crispy skin Cone Bay barramundi with Rye spaetzle, horseradish, curly kale and beetroot, 3: Glazed beef cheek with red onion choucroute, puffed rice and crispy shallots, 4: Cos lettuce, feta, pickled jalapeƱos and palm sugar vinaigrette.

And can you believe I was so stuffed I actually had to say no thank you to dessert. ME???

But it didn't go to waste, Danni got to take these delights home to her family.

My gorgeous host Danni

You can register here to find out more about MasterCard Priceless Sydney and their exclusive Locally Famous Deals.

And if you have finished salivating and would like to organise your own chow down at one of Australia's most awesomest restaurants Aria for just $55.00 per head you can book here.

Thanks Danni for such an awesome time, some fabulous girly goss and one hellava meal.