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Monday 29 July 2013

The Day Mum (Me) Ran Away....

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Family life is 1000 different kinds of wonderful but then there are days that kind of suck too .... or whole weekends even.

I know that someone may read this and think I am being an ungrateful sod, and to those people I would like to reassure you, I'm really not ungrateful, I'm just honest.

Because there are some days (or whole weekends) where you are downright knackered, the kids are turds, the husband is busy doing stuff that doesn't involve helping you with said turdish kids and well those days suck ... big time.

My boys have beautiful hearts, they really do. Big fat beautiful and sometimes incredibly lazy and inconsiderate hearts. 

Just your typical kids really.

After an exhausting weekend running children around from one sporting activity to the next, one party to another, grocery shopping, house cleaning, clothes washing, working on a business proposal and some writing work AND cancelling my own pre-planned outing on Sunday afternoon just so I could fit it all in - I had a major shitty on.

I wasn't having a shitty on because of all the running around or even because of having to cancel the one thing I had planned for myself. That stuff is kind of to be expected when you are a parent. 

No I had a shitty on because when we got home from all that stuff, two of the kids got into a punch up over a bag of sour strap lollies, one decided to run away from home and take his brothers bike with him, I found dirty school uniforms scattered throughout bedrooms that I had earlier been assured were in the laundry when I put the washing on, and to top it all off - the dog ran dog shit through the house. The same dog shit that the kids were supposed to have picked up that morning. The one and ONLY job they were supposed to do that morning before we headed out for the day.

So I did what any self respecting mother should do - I ran away.

Yep, I packed myself up a plate of goodies, grabbed a vodka and a book and I took my shitty on to the bathroom, where I sat for an hour and a half and soaked all the shittiness of the weekend out of my system.

Being a mum is an amazing gift, but it ain't always sunshine and roses and dog shit free backyards either.

Keeping it real people, just keeping it real.

Do you ever feel the urge to run away?
If so, where do you escape to?