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Wednesday 22 April 2015

A Cruel CRUEL Kind of Storm

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Oh hai!

I cannot tell you how good it is to be back online after that crazy storm we had rip through Sydney these past few days.

Where we are on the Northern Beaches took quite the battering with houses being flooded and cars and property destroyed by falling trees.

We got off SO easy in comparison to others.

The photo above was after the first part of the storm tore through, the next round did quite a bit more damage and the backyard now officially looks like a place where leaves and branches go to die - but no fallen trees in our property thankfully.

We did however cop an almighty blackout.

Two days of on and off power and next to no internet or mobile coverage and I was developing a very unattractive twitch.

The twitching was slightly (read: astronomically) exasperated by the the fact that the storm hit on the day that the kids were supposed to be heading back to school.

Yep SUPPOSED to be heading back but instead of packing them a sambo and waving an enthusiastic bye bye - I had them couped up indoors sending me absolutely FREAKING INSANE!

It was a cruel gag mother nature played on us parents on the first day back to school.

Crueler than any kind of cruel old storm.

Like a you have won a million dollars... no just kidding kind of CRUEL I tell you.

So apart from rocking in the corner with no internet coverage and three children leaning over me like little old crones waving flat iPads and battery drained iPods in my face and moaning "Booooooored. Weeeeee arrrrrrre sooooooo boooooooooored over and over again, I've been doing alright.

Better than alright actually.

I had my date with the camera up the bum people on Monday... not that I would really call it a date.

Actually the use of the word date in itself is probably highly inappropriate given the context of this topic but whatever.

My point is if it were a proper date, a gentleman would have at least bought me a drink first and even if that gentlemen bought me a whole flipping distillery that um area would still normally remain off limits.

Alas, drink or no drink, there was a job to be done and they went there anyway...  but the good news is that the polopy thingy (totally a technical term) looked (in the Doctor's opinion) to be benign looking.

I still need to wait for pathology to come back before I start flinging my bra from the table tops but hey - that Doctor does about 20 of those kinds of procedures a day so I am pretty sure I can trust his opinion.

Good news huh!

Once again I worried myself stupid and panicked before I needed to.

When will I learn???

Have your kids gone back to school?

Did you get walloped by the storm?

Have you ever been left without any internet whilst being caged up for days with kids and no power? 

I'm pretty sure it would rank highly on a list of the most inhumane ways to torture a mum!