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Friday 10 April 2015

Screw it - It's The Weekend!

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I have to say, as far as school holidays go, this one has been relatively painless.

So far...

Now that I have said that I will of course have jinxed myself and I'll probably end up cursing myself for being so careless with my gloating when I still had a week of holidays to come.

My boys are however getting that little bit older so they can entertain themselves for more than five minutes without me resorting to the use of gaffa tape and restraints.

Joking... kinda.

I remember when they were little and used to spend a big chunk of the day hanging around my legs as I tried to get stuff done. I honestly believed I would never have time to myself ever again, and yet my friends (my friends with little hangerofferers) - I can assure you that the time will eventually come for you too and you will finally manage to nab yourself some much needed breathing space and maybe even five or ten precious minutes of completely undisturbed peace.

Do you know my hubby and I even managed a kid free date the other day that didn't require us to run the usual gauntlet of organising baby sitters and back up plans and pages of notes... you know in case of emergency yada yada?

OK so we had an hour to ourselves to go and do the grocery shopping. BUT we were kid free and it only cost us $5 to bribe the teenager to stay home and make sure that his younger brothers didn't kill each other.

Oh what a wonderfully joyous and carefree hour of grocery shopping that was.

My not so little-ish buggers are very motivated by money. I can practically get them to do anything for a fiver.

Whilst they no longer hang off my legs on a daily basis, these days they tend to apply the same amount of energy to hanging off my wallet. Seriously! They are like little starved pigeons cheeping at me "feeeed me feeed me" except they don't want food, they want money!

The older those kids get, the more my bank account seems to hemorrhage.

They want money to go to the movies with friends, a new latest and greatest finger board or a new Disney Infinity character.

They beg me for money to buy bags of ridiculously gross but surprisingly delicious sour lollies that they demolish in one sitting and then later at about approx 3am I find myself on Google trying to diagnose what God awful disease has left my poor children writhing on the toilet with stomach cramps and fluorescent green poo.

The lollies!

Of course. Der!

Store that little bit of information in your do I really need to know this, yes I do Mum memory bank.

Anyway, how are you surviving the holidays?

Has it been a breeze or are you spending every afternoon eyeing off the wine bottle and the clock whilst staring desperately out the front window waiting for the hubby or your partner to arrive home with hopefully just enough energy to takeover the kids for a while so you can get dinner organised?

Thank the heavens for weekends huh?

Pour yourself a big bucket of wine (or calming herbal tea if that floats your boat more), order yourself some (it's school holidays so I've so earned it) takeaway and everything else can just suck it until Monday.

Doctors orders!

If you do manage to sneak a few cheeky minutes to yourself over the weekend - here are some lovely links I highly recommend you check out...

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OK now it's time for you to link up your fave posts from the week, you know so I have some fabulous stuff to read whilst I am stuffing my face with spiked donut toast this weekend.

Have a good one you guys!

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