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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Which Camp are you In?

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I am just gonna put it out there - I am a phone person through and through.

One hundred percent I prefer to talk in person rather than via messages.

I hate email, I am shit at texting and I literally suck at remembering to check and respond to various messages across all the different platforms.

Call it my weakness, my Achilles heel, or just call it a big fat bunion on a really ugly toe.

You can call it whatever you like really, I won't be offended. It just is what it is and I am who I am.

When I was a teenager I was one of those kids who would drag the phone extension cord all the way down the hallway and into my bedroom and there you would find me gas bagging to a girlfriend or a boy for hours on end.

I like talking on the phone.

I love the way that you can say what you need to say with an instant response.

I love that an over thinker like me can get feedback straight away without spending a night worrying whether the other person has received my message, and how did they read it and what are they thinking?

I hate the way that emails don't always read how the person who wrote it meant it to read. You can't always get the right tone or context in an email.

My email inbox causes me endless stress because I am one of those people who loathes the site of an inbox full of unanswered emails. I am an OCD control freak who likes to be organised and email is the one thing I have yet to gain control over.

I worry that the people who have sent me the emails think I am a gigantic asshole for not responding when the simple fact of the matter is I probably don't even know that their email is there because I have been far too busy procrastinating and avoiding looking at my inbox.

I live in a constant state of denial when it comes to that inbox and don't get me started on text messages or the messaging thingies on my Facebook, Twitter, instagram or instant messenger.

I get them, and I read them and usually when I do, I am right in the middle of something so I tell myself that I will respond as soon as I am finished... and then usually I don't... because I forget.

I remember once a mum at school asking if she could borrow my phone, and when I handed it to her she looked at in shock and said "Sonia, you have 18 unread text messages. What the heck?"

I was ashamed, but it wasn't that I was being rude, it was just my way of dealing with my forgetfulness at responding to those messages...  I simply didn't read them until I had time to respond but then I never actually responded because I forgot they were there.

Of course that landed me in a whole lot of hot water. I missed appointments and deadlines and important messages and people had the shits with me because they weren't getting any response and yada yada yada.

I couldn't blame them for getting shitty with me.. not one bit.

I was shitty with me because clearly that technique of mine wasn't working.

Now I tend to answer a text message with a phone call whenever I can, and the same goes for emails.

I'll call you, or you call me and we'll have a good old fashioned yarn.

It seems however that I might be in the minority with this though as so many people tell me that they prefer the convenience of text and email over having to make a phone call, or that they avoid phone calls because they feel shy talking to someone over the phone.

So I want to put it to you guys - what do you prefer?

Do you prefer to talk on the phone or via text / email?
Which camp are you in?
Is the phone call a thing of the past?