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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Ten Ways Technology Can Help Your Child Ace It At School

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There is no avoiding it these days -technology surrounds us and despite the ongoing debate about whether our kids are too absorbed by the technology, there is no doubt in my mind that in can in fact help our kids in their studies.

iPads, laptops, desktops and the internet have given our kids access to countless ways to help them with their studies, not to mention the world of information that is now at their finger tips. 

Here's just ten of the ways I believe technology can help our kids ace it at school.

1. Remember the days of encyclopedias? 

If you were one of the lucky ones, your family had a shelf full of beautifully bound books full of information you could readily access for use in your assignments and research. Those books probably cost your parents and arm and a leg and if you didn't have them, you would probably have spent countless hours at the local library lining up at the photocopier with a pocket full of ten cent pieces waiting for your turn to photo copy the pages you needed.

These days the most up to date information our kids need is merely a few clicks on Google away - saving time and money and not to mention your arms and legs.

2. iPads are a fabulous tool for kids with special needs or learning disabilities. 

For example - One of my sons suffers from dyspraxia which among other things causes a weakness in his hands when he is writing. Using an iPad in class to type out his work takes away the risk of him falling behind due to difficulties with his handwriting.

Every kids deserves the best chance to learn.

3. Kids as early as two, possibly even younger are learning to count and read via fun apps on tablets that are designed specifically to encourage early learning. Whilst I don't believe this negates the importance of learning under the guidance of a qualified teacher, it sure as hell gives them a good start and makes homework and sight words that much easier.

4. Speaking of games, I have an avid maths lover in my family. I know right, how can a child of mine love maths? Not only does he love it, he chooses to spend a large chunk of his free time playing maths games… on the iPad and computer of course. 

If you had told me this child of mine would actually learn to love maths, I would have laughed at you. 

No really!

He hated it, found it boring and basically struggled to grasp the concepts - until he discovered fun maths games like those on Study ladder (which is also great for literacy too) and Kids Math Fun.

5. I thought that keeping on top of all the homework and assignments our kids have in primary school was hard enough, but when my oldest started high school last year - man that was a whole new ball game. 

Many schools these days have an education portal that both parents and kids can access with individual accounts for each child that list not only their class schedules, test results and exam timetables, but also list the assessments, how many marks they are worth and when they are due. This is invaluable information to arm us parents with - especially when it comes to nagging supporting our kids with their study planning.

6. Speaking of keeping kids organised, there are so many fabulous apps that can help them too. 

Take for example Evernote - it can help your child plan their assessments and study, clip resources for research and bibliographies and you can even send them information to a shared folder. Things like a article you found that you thought might be useful to them or perhaps a memo to give them a virtual kick up the bum. 

Handy huh!

7. You Tube IS DA BOMB when it comes to learning and my kids an I have both learnt so much from simply watching You Tube videos. Science experiments, how to recreate famous artworks and how to solve maths problems. It's all there!

8. Group assignments - Do you remember how you used to have to do the dreaded group assignment and you went from house to house to work on it with your classmates but you ended up doing other stuff and never really got much of the assignment done? 

*ahem* I do.

Now they can do those sessions on Skype with their classmates.

Although I can't guarantee that they will actually get all that much done, it is apparently the new thing, and our kids are being encouraged by teachers to meet up with designated partners on Skype in the evenings after their after school commitments so that they can work on their group assignments.

Hey I'm happy about it - it's one less taxi run to try and fit in.

9. Have you ever been asked a homework question by your kids and then been left red faced because you have no idea of the answer? 

I have countless times. 

Thankfully technology can us to help them and the School A-Z app has been a God send in our house on more times than I care to remember.

10. There is no denying that the use of technology in the school environment helps our kids to adapt to the world that awaits them beyond school. A world that inevitably involves technology and possibly even a career from technology itself. 

The sooner they learn to work with it the better equipped they will be.

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Well it can! 

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The service is free for parents and new schools are regularly coming on board with this initiative.

Technology huh! 

Who’d have thought it would ever be like this … you know, ’back in our day’ and all that! 

Have you found Technology has helped your kids with school?
Has it helped YOU help them?

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