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Thursday 15 October 2015

Like a Carrot to a Donkey

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On Tuesday,  Mother Nature decided us Sydneysiders needed a mighty drenching and proceeded to pour buckets on us for the entire day.

I don't mind a good old rainy day in the Spring time, it makes all that gorgeous green growth in the garden that extra bit lush and green and lush and green it was most indeed out at the Grounds of Alexandria.

I flipping love that place!

It is the perfect mix of urbanny old and new that I absolutely adore and I would happily get lost in all the little lane ways without a care in the world as to whether I was found or not.

I have been meaning to go there at night for ages as I believe it is a truly spectacular sight with all the greenery and brickwork lit up by fairy lights.

We were there this particular day for the launch of a new business The Apron Studio - an Aussie start up who design and create a gorgeous range of aprons for gardeners and cooks.

I have a thing for Aprons and small businesses taking a leap of faith... I also have a thing for the Grounds of Alexandria so the combo of the three was like a carrot to a Donkey.  I was there with bells on.

You can check out the Apron Studio at their website here and follow their instagram feed here for hostessing and entertaining tips.

As for the beautiful urban oasis that is The Grounds of Alexandria, well you can check out their website here for details of what's on and open hours etc.

Happy Thursday you guys, enjoy the rest of your week!

Have you been to The Grounds of Alexandria?
Any other hidden Sydney Oasis you are keeping secret I should know about?