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Tuesday 27 October 2015

When Life is The Explanation

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Hello lovely people.

I initially sat down to write an explanation about why I suddenly went AWOL from the blog last week... but then I found myself asking why?

Why would there even need to be an explanation other than the fact that I was simply busy living life?

Sometimes I take myself far too seriously.

I've told you that I feel bad about stuff that I shouldn't feel bad about. I feel guilt over things that I needn't feel guilty about and I worry far too much about things that I THINK other people are thinking when really they probably don't even give a quarter of the shit that I do about it.

I worry about everything far too much in general.

I am basically my own worst enemy.

Enough said.

So although I am not actually giving a specific explanation for going AWOL from the blog... I kind of am.


Life is my explanation.

Sometimes life insists that you get out there and enjoy it.

Sometimes life demands your unwavering attention and for you to be completely on the ball.

Sometimes life feeds you awesomeness and has you high as a kite on all kinds of beautiful endorphins.

And then... sometimes life serves up everything at once, completely stumps you and all you can do is; stop and breathe, be a little kind to yourself and not take everything so seriously... well at least not yourself anyway.

That's all it was.

Just a breather.

I hope you guys are being kind to yourself and I hope life is being kind right back at you.