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Monday 7 March 2016

From Dumb to Dumber

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Just when I think my boys could not possibly find anything new to argue about - they go and surprise me by bringing out a brand new pearler.

Clearly their big ole bucket of gripes knows no limits.

I'm assured this is quite normal behaviour for siblings... although to be honest I'm not really sure if people are just saying that to me to make me feel better or because they are forced to tiptoe through this particularly turdish mine field on a daily basis too.

I know my own older brother and I used to give it a good go when it came to arguing.

We pretty much fought on and off (more often on than off) throughout our entire childhood, pausing only for brief moments and special occasions. This continued until I turned 16 and it only eased because my big bro cottoned on to the fact that it was more beneficial to be friends than enemies with his 16 year old sister because... HELLO 16 year old girlfriends of 16 year old sister!

To be fair, he was always the first to stick up for me and my boys are no different in that if you take one on, you take on all three.

That doesn't stop them from fighting with each other though and when it comes to the things that my boys argue over - I don't know whether to be utterly dismayed at the pettiness or totally impressed by the depths of their imaginations.

Equally as mind boggling is the speed in which they can turn from best mates to arch rivals. Dead set, one minute these kids of mine are playing and laughing and loving each other sick... but if I wait long enough...

Just a little bit longer...

Give it a sec...

Yep there it is - an almighty wail and the all too familiar rumblings of sibling war.

I once actually documented over the course of a week, 17 different things they managed to fight about.


Each one of those things was dumber than the next.

They do however have some regulars in their repertoire, you know - some trusty old faves that are frequently brought out to play.

I like to refer to it fondly as their PlayList - Ten ridiculous things they like to argue about;

1. Socks - yeah even the socks with the colourful toes that identifies which socks belong to who hasn't helped because they forget and argue over who owns which colour and then they fight over them because although they both have the same size feet and it doesn't really matter who wears what flipping colour socks...  "YOU STRETCHED MY SOCKS" and all that.

2. Balls - "That's mine, you lost it, you flattened it, you blew it up too hard, you left it outside, you let the dog get it, you can't take it to school because THAT BALL IS MINE! " You get the idea yeah?

3. Who didn't flush or who was responsible for peeing on the seat. Enough said about this one.

4. Who likes who when it comes to girls... or doesn't like but the other two are saying that he does like and he does like a little but won't like anymore if everyone keeps talking about it... Good luck trying to follow that one because I sure as hell can't.

5. "He looked at me."

6. "He's still looking at me."

7. "He won't stop looking at me."

8. "He's breathing all my air!!!"

9. The dog loves me more than she loves you. Really. No REALLY!

10. Who is better than who at... dancing, mine craft, Star Wars, reading, skating, burping, beat boxing, who is better at pretty much anything you could possibly think of. well pretty much everything and anything you can think of.

I told you... the list of things they find to fight about goes from dumb to dumber.

What's the story at your house - do your kids argue about ridiculously stupid benign things?
Did you argue with your sibling(s)?

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