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Wednesday 9 March 2016

Style Crushing & Velvet Flashbacks

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I have a pair of green vintage faux velvet pants circa 1990, but before you go and get all "ooo Sonia you trendy little minx you" don't waste your breath - those pants actually live in my kids dress up box and are stained with sweet and sour sauce from their final booze filled outing at a local china restaurant. 

As much as I might secretly aspire to be - I am so not trendy.

Sure, at the time when I was wearing those pants I at least thought I was all 'that'... well kinda.

I actually found those velvet pants of mine on the sale rack at Dotti and refusing to accept that they had had their time already - I was determined to milk every last wear out of them before my friends refused to be seen with me.

I don't think 'trendy' and I have ever quite understood each other.

Once upon a time I entertained the idea that I could be trendy, and I did a pretty good job of convincing myself ... until that day when I was thirteenish and I wore my new tartan pants and short pixie hair cut to Luna Park for a party and I was called a boy by another kid and her mum.

Yeaaaaahhhh not quite as trendy as I thought after all.

If you had cornered me in the bathroom that night back in the 90s (when I was trying to clean the spilt sweet and sour sauce from my green velvet pants whilst my friends were all thinking 'Thank F**k that's the end of those hideous pants")  and asked whether I believed velvet would ever make it's way back onto my crush list again -  well I probably would have blinded myself with a chopstick whilst I laughed myself stupid and choked on a bowl of dim sums.

Until now of course... NOW I take it ALL back because I am loving velvet again dear friends.

OK so I won't be dropping those green velvet pants off at the dry cleaners anytime soon (although I did attempt to try them on before I got them halfway up one leg and gave up) I am kind of tempted to throw myself head first into some decorating at home - decorating of the luxe velvety kind.

Yup - velvet is back and apparently, it's bang on trend. 

This time around I'm getting in before the sale racks do and so I have been busy scouring the interwebs for some inspiration for a little Autumn / Winter jooshing at home. 

Take a little peek at what I've been crushing on and tell me;

Are you a fan of Velvet or do you have any vintage trends hiding in your closet waiting for a revival?
What would you bring back if you could?

chair in header image from Bodie and Fou
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Lisa Cohen via Vogue Living 

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