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Monday 21 March 2016

Happily Tied Up In Knots!

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There is something about the turn in weather from hot days and sunshine to rain and the comfort of a cardie, that always ignites a desire in me to get creative.

I tend to do a lot less of the crafting stuff in the warmer months.

Maybe it's because I spend more time outdoors making the most of the sunny days and daylight hours during Spring and Summer, or maybe it's simply because I see a rainy day as the perfect excuse to retreat indoors and start making things again.

When my hands and mind are busy working together to create something, it is pretty much the only time I actually switch my brain off to the everyday juggle and I focus only on what I am doing at that precise moment.

Crafting is actually a form of meditation, a practice in mindfulness, being present and slowing down time and in a day and age where we live life at a billion miles per hour, slowing down every now and then is something we should all aspire too.

Maybe that is what Autumn and Winter are about - forcing us to slow down a little?

It's not such a bad way to look at it and it goes along way to easing the sting from farewelling our beloved Summer.

My latest obsession is macrame, thanks mostly to Brianna from Woven Walls who runs our macrame workshops at Little Lane Workshops.

I sat in on her very first class with us and that was is, I was hooked and since that day I have been literally tying myself up in knots.

It's to the point that I am running out of wall space to hang my creations... and yet I still can't stop withe the methodical knotting of the rope.

My mum laughed when I shared my latest obsession with her, as macrame was something she used to do herself many years ago, and like all good things, they have their time again.

Have I mentioned that my mum had her own crafting business when I was a little girl?

Her shop was called Very Crafty and she sold craft supplies and gave lessons on various crafty activities.

Life has gone a full circle and now -  here I am as part owner of my own creative business and my children are the same age that I was when my mum had her shop.

The apple does not fall far huh?!

I hope their memories of a crafting mum are as precious as my own.

If you are in Sydney (or will be visiting Sydney) and you think that learning to macrame might be something you too would love to sink your teeth into, then come along to our next workshop which is in April.

I'll no doubt be there... because you know... any legitimate excuse to be happily tied up in knots and all that.

Do you have a Crafty Itch you've been scratching?
Anything you are particularly into at the moment?

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