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Thursday 3 March 2016

Tame The Chaos - Hallway Organisation

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I don't know what happens at your house, but around here - from the moment the boys arrive home from school, the chaos begins. 

Literally AT the front door.

They open the door and elbow past each other, dropping their school bags, kicking of shoes and on their path from the door to the kitchen - they strip... sock by sock, hat, shirt, pants until they make it to their holy grail - the fridge.

It does my head in - all their crappola spread throughout the house, abandoned in their quest for food, and what's worse than staring at the mess, is my afternoon ritual of tripping over bags, rescuing socks from dogs and screaming begging them to "pick it all up already!!!"

I won't lie, I considered locking them out... just kidding (kinda). 

I also contemplated putting a bar fridge full of their afternoon snacks just inside the front door in an attempt to limit the trail of carnage... but the responsible mother figure sitting on my right should scolded me for being all enabling and stuff.

So I came up with a better plan - a brilliant one that of course indulged my love of decorating and as an added bonus - gave me a totally legit excuse to go shopping. 

It was time to tame the chaos and get a little hallway organisation going on.

I had seen these white metal lockers from Kmart on Pinterest and so I did what any self respecting shopping addict would do - I jumped online an ordered three. 

Each child has one for himself and the first thing they need to do before they even get a mere whiff of food, is; put their bags, hats and shoes in their lockers. 

It's also where they store their homework books and sports gear... at least it will be when I train them.

Of course, it didn't stop there, a little extra foofing and jooshing was called for because duh - I simple had to rearrange and all that.

Tadah!!! We have organisation people.

It hasn't solved the sock dropping or the need to wrestle abandoned shirts and shorts from the dogs, but hey - it's progress and I'm gonna go and claim it anyways.

Here's a little shop the look guide I put together - you know, in case you also find yourself in some need of a little after school organisation... oh and OK, because I also kind just like making pretty graphics too.


White metal lockers (currently out of stock online but coming back soon I'm told)
Artificial plant

How do you control the after school chaos at your house?
I suppose the dogs eating the clothes is a good excuse to get out of some washing. Silver linings right? Yup Yup!

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