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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Getting our Crafty on - Christmas Style!

Pin It We have been a little crafty around here lately. There have been so many inspiring pics posted on blogs and Pinterest that I could not help but get a little inspired to get a bit creative with my own squidgins.

I love those little hand made stars that you see everyhere, they are so christmasy and cute with out being too garish. But since I didn't really want to pay the price that was being asked for them, I figured we could totally have a go at making them ourselves.

So I grabbed some cheapo red tea towels, cut out some star shapes and got sewing.

They were really simple. I didn't want them all neat and hemmed because I liked the rustic look of the frayed edges.

I just used white tapestry cotton and a straight stitch and sewed around the edges of the star. When I got to three quarters of the way around, I stuffed the stars with some wadding and then finished sewing it up.

A little red ribbon sewn on added the finishing touch it needed. Then it was as simple as sewing some thread on them to hang them from the tree. I also attached some stars to some twine and made a little star garland.

The it was on to activity number two - An Advent Calender

I have seen some really gorgeous ideas for this floating around the blogosphere, but there was one in particular I loved. I saw it on Pinterest and it was by Oopsey Daisy and thought it was such a great idea.

So we made one all for ourselves out of cardboard and some Christmas scrapbooking paper. I know it doesn't look as good as the original, but the kids love it and that is all that counts.

Finally, we had to make some classmate gifts for the boys to give to their friends at school.

Every year we have the same problem though - they don't want to leave anyone out, so we end up making something for EVERY child in their year. Yep that's 120 little gifts in total.
I dread the day when my youngest also starts at school, because that's another 60 to add to the list.

This year they decided to give out marshmallow North Poles.

We made up some little Christmas message tags on the computer and stapled one to each gift.
Each little gift worked out to cost us just 20 cents each, which made for one happy mama. And we had a lot of fun making them.

So there you have it folks. A little Christmas crafty fun with the family.

What Christmas crafts have you attempted this year?
I would love you to share a pic on my facebook page.

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