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Thursday 15 December 2011

Inner-B 2012 Mum's Organiser / Diary Giveaway and discount code

Pin It How many times do I forget things! That's a statement not a question - cause I so do not want anyone I know to answer that. The truth is the answer is way too often.

The irony of it is I am such a list writer. I write lists for everything - heck I honestly even have a list that categorises my lists by topic.

But in my defense, like so many of us I am juggling wayyyyy too many balls at any given time.

Between trying to stay on top of work details, kids school details and dates, kids preschool dates, birthdays, play dates, Dr apps, Vet apps, sports events, sports training, birthday parties, social functions, deadlines, blog events, bills to pay, library book dues dates, video store due dates, prescription reminders, class mum responsibilities, kids soccer manager responsibilities blah blah blah blah is it no wonder I forget to pick a kid or 2 up from somewhere occasionally! Just joking - please don't call child welfare on me.

So why do some people seem more together than me? That is the question I have asked many a people and it seems I am doing it all wrong.

You see my lists are on separate pieces of paper stored around the house, in my desk, next to the bed and in my handbag. My daily calender is on the fridge AND in outlook AND on my i pad AND on my phone. It is no wonder I am so bloody confused.

The answer was I needed a good diary. Something that captures all the stuff I need to remember in the one place. Somewhere I can make lists to my hearts content and not lose those lists 10 minutes later.

Now I love me a good diary. There is something so exciting about writing for the first time in a fresh empty new crisp smelling diary. I get really kind of excited and giddy at the prospect of sitting down and filling out all the details in a new diary.

The problem is all the diaries I have had in the past have never really met all my needs, so I got bored with them and abandoned them.

About 2 months ago I started looking around for a new diary to get myself organised once and for all. I searched high and low and spent what was probably hours pouring over various websites - until I found this little gem from Inner-B

It has a space for everything here. It seriously is the most practical diary I have come across.
The diaries come in Pink, Green or Tiffany Blue.
 And Guess what? You can win one of these too because the gorgeous gals at Inner-B have given me an extra green one to give to a lucky winner.

It is all wrapped up in its packaging just waiting for some lucky winner to start filling it out.

But that's not all folks (cheesy I know - are you totally waiting for the steak knives bit??)

I have a special promotion code you can quote if you would like to order one of these diaries  or any of the products from Inner-B. Yup, Life Love and Hiccup readers will get a whopping 20% off your entire order. All you have to do is place your order before Xmas and quote the promotion code LLH on your order.

If you order a diary now and you are the winner of this diary here, Inner-B will credit you for the purchase of your diary. Oh Happy days!!!
So here is how you can win this awesome diary.

Terms & Conditions

The GIVEAWAY will be run on The Life Love and Hiccups blog page. 
The winner will receive 1 Green 2012 Mum's Organiser.
To enter you must be an Australian or New Zealand resident and can only enter once. Sorry Guys :)
The GIVEAWAY competition start on Tuesday 15/12/11 at 6.00am (AEST) and will close on Monday 19/12/11 at 9pm (AEST)
One lucky winner will be selected by and will be contacted via email.
The winner will also be published on this blog
The winner will have 48 hours days to make contact to claim their prize, otherwise it will be redrawn. 
The prize will be expressed post delivered to the winner so you have it in time for the 1st January :)

How to Enter: 

STEP 1: You must be a LIKER of The Inner-B Facebook Page.
STEP 2: You must be a follower of the Life Love and Hiccups Blog
STEP 3: You must comment on this post to say that you have followed steps 1 and 2 and leave me your most fabulous tip to staying organised. Ok you don't really have to tell me your tip, but I WOULD be ever so grateful if you did! :)

GOOD LUCK and happy Organising!!

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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post - I just think these diaries are totally awesome!