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Monday 5 December 2011

Wonderful Weekends - Pimping the Tree

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 We had been looking forward to this weekend for ages in our household. The first weekend in December is when the green light is given to set up the Christmas tree and start decorating the house.

It is a huge deal around here and we make a big fuss about it with Christmas music and a special pizza dinner in front of a Chrissy movie.

This weekend started off particularly exciting for me, as my gorgeous hubby decided to give me my Christmas pressie early. He thought it might be nice for me to use it in the lead up to Christmas.

So Friday night after I got home from running kids around to parties and sleep overs etc, I walked in to my office and found this on my computer.

 Would you like to see what is says up close?

And on the chair was.....

Oh what a happy girl am I!!!

I sat up until 1.30 am that night reading the instruction the book and I am still completely and utterly stupified. But I can't wait to do some online tutorials and hit up some friends for advice. Vera - you have been warned!!

So on to the events of this Wonderful Weekend.

The kids spent Saturday afternoon in the pool with Dad, whilst I put the tree together and put the lights on it. The prep is the totally sucky part of tree decorating, but taking the time to do it without kids trying to put decorations on at the same time, keeps me much saner.

I could hear the squeals outside meaning, the kids were having a ball, so I thought it was the perfect time to try out the new camera.

Be warned I am a total novice ok.

The it was down to business and the job of turning this home into a Christmas haven.
Micheal Buble's Christmas CD was the music of choice to get us singing and dancing as we decorated.

Finally satisfied that we had pimped our tree out sufficiently, we snuggled up on the couch with our PJs and Pizza and watched Deck the halls.... You know to totally inspire Dad to spend Sunday decorating the outside of the house with all our lights :)

So what did you get up to this Weekend?

I would love to share in your comments what wonderful things you did or if you have a blog, please link up your weekend post so we can all have a sticky beak and enjoy.

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