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Monday 12 December 2011

Wonderful Weekend - Pre Christmas Festivities

Pin It Wow - what a busy weekend, but fabulously busy in a totally good way!

I love this time of the year. It is crazy - yep. It is frantic - absolutely. It is tear inducing, headache provoking exhausting - you betcha! But oh it is such a fun time of the year.

I love being an idiot and getting down and silly with the best of them, and there is something about Christmas time and the silly season that just screams - go for it you whacko, let you inner idiot free and get out there and dance with the rest of the loonies.

I am a dork too. Oh yeah baby - a self confessed cheesy beyond belief dork. And the holidays just brings out the extra dorkiness in me.

This afternoon I find myself wrapping up Christmas gifts with Michael Buble's Christmas CD rocking my Christmas mojo and I am singing along loud enough for the neighbours to hear me and for my family to question my sanity. But stuff it I say, cause I am feeling the Christmas cheer today!

To say we have crammed a lot into this weekend, is a slight understatement. But after a busy week at work last week, it felt great to just let my hair down with the family.

Friday night saw us at the kids school, bopping along to their Christmas concert. These photos are totally crap I'm sorry, but it was hard to zoom in on them from where I was sitting, and I felt to posy to take my new big Chrissy camera. So I snapped these shots whilst I was rocking along with the kids.

Kai with the Santa hat on, singing up a storm.

Sammy my little Shepherd!

Oh lord, this photo is an ad for a botox candidate if ever I saw one.

I love how kids are just so unselfconscious. They shake it and sing it like they're total rock stars and it is such a joy to watch. I so wish that we could keep that confidence we are blessed with as kids, and take in into our adult life.

Saturday morning was all about Kar-ra-tay! Or grading day to be precise. Yup the boys got their yellow belts. Only about 50 colours (slight exaggeration) between them and their black belts now.

The rest of Saturday was spent being totally girly with my gorgeous niece Meg.

We hit the shops for a little retail therapy, then off to the Sushi Train for a fabulous pig out and some good old gossiping.

After some afternoon refreshments we slothed out in style - (that's grand theatre style), at the movies to watch the festive chick flick - New Years Eve.

I adore my niece Meg. She is the daughter I don't have and a carbon copy (personality wise) of me at her age.

I don't have many photos of us from our day out as we were too busy spending up a storm and stuffing our faces to think of taking photographic evidence of our sins :) but we did snap one of us lounging out in the reclining chairs at the movies.

I seriously do not know how I will ever go back to the normal chairs at the movies. I am a complete Grand Theatre convert! All we needed was our fluffy slippers and a blankie and we would have been right at home.

Saturday night was dedicated to Glow sticks, Santa hats and and atrocious singing (on the adults behalf).

It was all for a good cause though - Carols by Candlelight.

We, along with some gorgeous friends, joined the other million people and spent the night picnicking under the full moon, singing and dancing and generally being goofs!

I didn't get to take any photos of my older son Kai, because he and his mates disappeared for the night as soon as we got there. Apparently spotlight hide and seek is the new 'It' game again.

Oh - don't you remember playing that as a kid.

The grin on Sammy's face below is because in my merry mood I totally caved and allowed him to indulge in a whole can of coke to himself. This is like Christmas come early for him as Coke is usually a no go round these parts.

Flynn and Dad being my lovable goofballs.

Santa arrived in a fire truck and was completely set upon by hundreds of kids. Even I got excited and chased after him with them. I'm not sure what I would have done if I caught him, but I got caught up in all the excitement. I had no idea where my kids were in the rush - I left them for dead as I got lost in the moment.

I had a near death experience, when they announced that Santa's helpers for the night were dressed in white and would be handing out bags of lollies. Yup - I was wearing white, and I was totally set upon by kids with the sniff of sugar fueling there ferocity and thinking I was the one who was going to provide their candy hit!

Obviously I survived and that brings us to Sunday. A fabulous sleep in until 10.30 (courtesy of my gorgeous hubby), followed by a day of wrapping pressies, some more Chrissy crafting (details later this week) and grooving to The Buble.

Even though it was a stormy day in Sydney, I was content to potter around at home enjoying the pre Chrissy preparations.

All in all, it was a pretty Wonderful Weekend.

So, your turn now - what did you get up to this weekend?

I would love to share in your comments what wonderful things you did or if you have a blog, please link up your weekend post so we can all have a sticky beak and enjoy.

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