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Friday 9 December 2011

The one where I fly off the rails and have a rare rant!

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Last night I went to bed somewhat disillusioned with human nature. Not all human nature, just the behaviours that some choose to exhibit.

I'm not sure why this has bugged me so much that I feel compelled to blog about it. Maybe it is because I am premenstrual, it could be the fact that I have been pulling 13 - 14 hour work days lately. Or perhaps I have just simply had enough of arrogant, fake people and I choose today to let off some steam about it and then just wash my hands of it and let it go.

You see I am a fairly patient person. Actually no, that's not really true - but I am quite tolerant.
I genuinely try to see the best in people and I seem to be forever justifying bad behaviour on other people's behalf, by arguing that perhaps they have had a bad day, or a bad week or a bad life. But honestly I am a little tired of that.

Now don't get me wrong - I am so far from perfect myself. In fact my halo is so tarnished and crooked you could use it as a radio aerial and it would look quite at home on a rusty old ute. But you know what? I own it! I do not pretend to be anyone other than me.

What has got me going on this little rant of mine? Well it's not really one thing in particular, it is many that I have observed lately in real life and the blogosphere and my patience has quite simply run dry. The tank is empty, the well is baron and dry. How ever you want to put it, I have just had enough!

I am not a confrontational person - I much more prefer to keep the peace because life is just nicer without the drama. That being said, I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer going to tolerate, enable or suffer fools. I will give you one chance. Just once I will give you the benefit of the doubt - after that? Ba Bum sayonara, see ya later, ba bye! I won't hold a grudge against you, I really can't be bothered with all that, you will just simply cease to exist in my world!

Ok I know this is probably all very cryptic and gloriously dramatic and you are probably dying to know who has pissed me off this much that I have resorted to blogging about it.

Well sorry to disappoint, but I am not the type of person to name and shame. And to be honest, it is not just one individual who has got me so tizzy. There are actually a couple. And it is not just one type of behaviour that has put my patience in a pickle - there are many.

The people who have pushed me too far may or may not read this post, and if they do - I am sure they will look at the behaviours I describe and they may just realise that I am talking about them. Heck - if the shoe fits and all that!!!!!

So here are my least favourite flavours of human nature -  not cause I think any one really cares or it will make much of a difference to those who fit into these categories. But just in case you know I banish you from my world, you have something to refer back to and I can honestly say I warned you!

1. Fake People.
Individuals who harp on about admirable qualities, righteousness and in some cases their Christan values, but who actually behave in an entirely different way. These people like to sprout off about being a good person, and they put on a helluva show for all to see with their words and moves, but don't actually practice what they preach when it comes down to the little people. These guys have no time for the little people who cannot reward them with notoriety, fame or who have nothing more to give back than plain old simple friendship.

2. Users and Abusers.
These are the type who are like the new kid at school. so grateful to be your friend when they are new, but once they get a sniff of the cool kids, it's see ya later - what's your name again.
They are always looking over shoulder, is there some one better to talk to, someone more important, maybe someone cooler. No? Ok you will do for now - until something better comes along.
A wise person once said to me - be nice to everyone on your way up, because you will need them on your way down! These guys are nice when they want something, but if you serve no purpose any more, they toss you out with the trash.

3.  Attention Seekers
Hmmm people who seek attention. I am not talking about genuine people who are expressing what they feel or are suffering and are sincerely reaching out to others. For these people, my arms are always wide open and I am more than happy to help you in anyway that I can. No I am talking about those who put on a big sob story about Oh I have no friends, I am so lonely - and when they get flooded with genuine caring people who want to help, they are happy to bask in the attention and kindness shown to them, but they forget to be gracious and acknowledge the kindness of the individuals who responded to their call. Again, I am not talking about the genuine ones here - I am talking about those who are serial sobbers. Always crying poor about something as a way of feeding their ego when the poor suckers rush to their aid.

4. Show Off Do Gooders.
These ones are the type who like to tell the universe about what they are doing to help others. If they spent as much time actually helping as they do promoting themselves, they could perhaps make a real difference. I am far more in admiration of the unsung hero. The person who genuinely likes to make a difference, but doesn't seek the public admiration as reward for their efforts. This is the type of person who truly inspires me to roll my sleeves up and get in there and do something myself. It is in my experience the people who harp on and on about their good deeds and charitable acts, are the ones who lack the genuine sincerity to maintain that charitable behaviour when they are not on show.

5. People who are Holier than though, Too Big for their Boots and Their Shit don't stink!.
We all know the type I am talking about. Those who feel they are too superior, too popular or too important to focus any attention on the plebs. Noooo these guys will only associate with those who they feel are as good as them or their equal in the stature or popularity stakes. Pfff I might wave to you if you are lucky when you come crashing back down to earth. I'm sorry, but no-one and I mean no-one is more important than the person next to them. I don't care if you are the president of a friggin global company, A blogger with a massive following or an academic with a zillion letters after your name. You bleed the same colour blood as me and everyone else, so in my books that puts us on equal ground.

6. The Take Take Takers.
Oh man, these guys are exhausting and there just seem to be so many of this breed around. These are the ones who just take take take but never give. It is all about them, it is all about their problems, their successes, their lives and they are lucky if they stop to breathe let alone enquire as to how you are going. They suck the life out of you and leave you slumped on the ground, exhausted and empty.

7. Last but Not Least - The Good Time Friend.
These people are the ones who are there for the good times, but mysteriously vanish when things get tough. Enough said!

So there you have it - my pre Christmas, I am so bloody exhausted and have no patience left, good old fashioned rant.

I know this post will probably shock the hell out of some people who know me, as I am not normally one to express my opinion so in your face like this. And I really am not nasty or the type to be so vocal in my views.

But quite frankly, I have had enough of the types of people who fall in the categories above. I seem to have such little spare time these days - if any at all and I no longer choose to waste that precious time on these type of people.

So if you no longer hear from me in real life, or if I no longer visit your blog or website, it is most likely because you have over and over again displayed the above qualities and simply put, I can no longer be bothered with you and your BS!.

Disclaimer: No I have not been possessed by evil demons, nor has my body been invaded by aliens. I have not decided to become a horrible bitchy person, I am just simply saying!

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