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Thursday 16 August 2012

A Weekly Gift to Myself.

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I'm a sucker for fresh flowers, white ones in particular but I'm kinda partial to cream and yellow too.
I only plant white flowers in my garden too and I am sure it is a throwback to my OCD tendencies, but I like the purity and simplicity of white flowers, maybe it's becasue they represent everything I'm not. Bahaha.

For years when my hubby was a stay at home Dad and did all the shopping and errands he would bring me home a bunch of white roses every week. Such a simple gesture, but filled with so much thoughtfulness and love.

I do the shopping now so the flower gifts aren't as frequent anymore, but when they do come, oh man are they sweet and boy does he get lucky!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that one of my favourite things to do on a Friday when I am running around is to take 10 minutes to stop at the flower market, any flower market I come across in my travels and I just take a moment or ten to swoon over the all the gorgeous blooms. In the end I always pick white ones, or cream or yellow, but just the whole ritual is something that I adore.

Choosing them, bringing them home wrapped in brown paper and then dividing them up into vases to scatter around the house, it's all a part of my Friday and it just doesnt feel right without it.

No room goes untouched, unscented or undressed. I like to see the flowers when I work, smell them when I wake and admire them when I am just sitting and daydreaming. Its my little gift to myself, every Friday, and the bunches that are delivered by my hubby or little hands in between are the cream on top.

Do you treat yourself to flowers or do you prefer to wait to be given them?