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Monday 13 August 2012

August Reviews, Discounts and Giveaways

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Hellllloooo There! Where the hell did this weekend go? For us it flew by in a whirlwind of kids sports - Karate, basketball, rugby, a soccer gala day all topped of nicely (I am so biting the insides of my cheeks as I write that) with a HUGE reminder that Winter is indeed still very much with us.

Serves me right for gloating about all that sunshine last week.

I am introducing a new Monthly segment to my Blog today - Reviews, Discounts and Giveaways.

One of the nice things I have found about blogging is you get sent a lot of stuff by a lot of companies to try out with the hope that you like it and will review it on your blog. This is a bone of contemption with many bloggers and it opens a whole can of worms about whether you should charge for reviews etc. As a general rule just so we are upfront on the subject, I do typically charge for reviews, but I will only ever review a product that I love and I know you will love too. OK enough Housekeeping.

What I don't want to do is flood you guys with endless amounts of reviews, it means I have less time for blogging about other stuff like Vodka cocktails and my crappy parenting fails. So what I will be doing is a once a month post where I introduce you to some of my favourite things I was sent to review over the past few weeks. Things I loved, things my family loved and things I am confident you too would adore.

Many of reviews will have a giveaway attached, some will have discounts for you to purchase them yourselves, some wont but they are still fabulous products I wanted you to know about.

Any giveaway winners will be picked by Random Org. All you have to do in the comments is tell me what Giveaway you would like to enter. if you want to enter multiple giveaways, that's fine too, just provide a separate comment for each product.

So let's get started shall we :)

Soul Virgins Drinks
Now you all know I love my Cosmos right? But there are nights when I am out where I just can't drink because I have to drive or be all responsible like. Rare yes, but when those occasions do happen I hate the thought of missing out.

When I was first sent these drinks to try by Soul Virgins I kind went Pfftt, but I have to admit that they are very moorish and I can almost convince myself I am not missing out when I am drinking these.

These would have been perfect when I was pregnant as they are made with fruit concentrates, natural flavours and no alcohol. They are available as Woolworths and come in two flavours, Soul Mojito and Soul Cosmopolitan.
The fabulous people from Soul want you to try them for yourselves so they are giving 3 winners a pack of each (Australian Residents only sorry). Just leave a comment telling me you would like win one of these packs.

Chuckies Travel Sickness Disposable Bags

One of my kids is a big time Car Chucker and I feel so sorry for the poor little guy sitting in the back seat holding a bowl when we are travelling any distance greater than about 10 minutes. I also feel sorry for myself as I know he sucks at aiming into the bowl.

It's the same when they are sick at home - they never get it in the bowl!
I am notorious for pinching the chuck bags from the hospital anytime we visit and that is because I had no idea you can actually buy them legitimately.

This is me demonstrating how to use a Chuckie, just cause you know I like to do stuff like that!

Chuckies Travel Sick Bags from Frontline Innovations come in a pack of 3 and the lovely Kimberly has a special for Life Love and Hiccups Readers where you can get 3 packs of chuckies for the price of 2. You can have them in your car, in your bag and at home - no more bowl juggling. This special offer runs until the 15th September 2012 and can be ordered online here - use the Life Love and Hiccups button on the web page. (Please note the special is for Australian residents only)

Milly & Jock Sleepwear

My little boy Flynn was so excited when he was sent some PJs from Milly & Jock Sleepwear. Cute PJs, very very cute and better yet NEVER worn by anyone but him. Oh the joy of being the youngest child who gets all the hand me downs.

The Milly & Jock PJ's are so gorgeous and comfy. Their range suits kids from age 1 to 10 and they have sleepwear, hair accessories, wraps and belts. They are sold in over 50 stockists around Australia or your can order online from their website here.

My Colour Cup from Twistid Products

My guys are at an age where GERMS are at the top of their ewwww list. They don't want to wear each others undies, they don't want to share any food and they don't want to drink out of each others drink bottles or cups. Oh thank you school / kindy for another delightful phase.

At home we go through a zillion cups a day as they are always wanting a new cup to be sure no one else has drunk out of it before them. My Colour Cup from Twistid Products will at least put an end to that argument in our house. Each cup has up to 6 names on it and you twist the window to highlight a name. The cup is now exclusively that persons cup for that meal or day or whatever and no more arguments. You can put your kids names on the cup and even have a couple that say Guest.

This has seriously been such a saviour in our house. Now if only they do labelled undies.

You can order your own cups personalised to your family at the My Colour Cup website here.

The fabulous people at Twistid would like to give away one set of cups to a lucky Life Love and Hiccups Reader (Again Australia Only Sorry). Just leave a comment telling me you would like a chance to win a set.

Telstra T Hub 2

I love me some technology to play with and anything gadgety that makes my life easier is top of my wish list.

I can remember years ago watching episodes of The Jetsons and marveling at the Fridges that told you what you needed for dinner and phones where you could see the person you were talking to. Oh My GOD we are now living in that day and age and these products actually exist.

With the new Telstra T-Hub 2 you can;
Make hands free calls from either the tablet or the cordless handset.
Manage your day with a built in calender and access weather updates and the Yellow and White Pages.
You can access social networking sites and watch U Tube or listen to Tune in Radio.
Share and play video and photos and music.

The Telstra T-Hub 2 is available in store now at Telstra stores or online here at the Telstra site.

One lucky Winner can win a T-Hub 2 for their own home. Please note that this giveaway is available for Australian residents only and the T-Hub 2 requires a BigPond broadband connection and a  Telstra full service home phone to use.

Just leave a comment telling me you would like to win one of these.

So there you have this month's picks for my first Reviews, Discounts and Giveaways from some of the fabulous products that I have reviewed this month.

Terms and Conditions
Competitions are open to Australian residents only
The winners will be selected by Random
Competition is open now and closes at 7pm Monday 20/08/12. 
The winners will be announced on this post right here on my blog and will have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize.


Rachel K
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Jo from Coastal Home Love

Can you all please email me at within the next 48 hours to claim your prizes and enoy!

A Huge Thank you to all the wonderful companies involved in this months, Reviews, Discounts and Giveaways.