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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Let's Engage in Some Friendly Mutual Stalking!

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Us Bloggers are typically a very friendly bunch and we love followers. It makes us feel special and loved and all those good things that come with blogging. Some people call it stalking and well if you have to call it that, that's fine by me. I like to stalk my favourite bloggers and websites as much as I love my blog to be stalked too.

But lets get one thing straight. I'm talking GOOD stalking OK, not the creepy weird kind cause then I would have to go all Bad Ass on you and no one wants to see me do that right? Right!

You can follow your favourite bloggers or me :) in a number of different ways. We hang out in many different places and we generally like to over share on a number of platforms outside of our blogs like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to just name a few. And then there are many of us who feed our addiction for gorgeous images and ideas over on Pinterest. Geez we get around don't we.

So to make it easier for you to stalk Life Love and Hiccups, I have added some links below to take you to the different sites where I like to hang out. If you click on the images below they will take you straight to the place you need to go to follow me. Friendly Stalking served on a Silver Platter.

Check out who I follow too on the various platforms as you will find some other fabulous bloggers and websites you will enjoy as well.

Now that's not the end of this stalking Love Fest. I have seen a couple of Blog Hops lately where you can link up your blog and others do the same. I LOVE this idea and I would love my very own place where I have a collection of wonderful blogs all at my fingertips.

So there is a link at the bottom of this page where you can link up your blog or your Blog Facebook Page so we can stalk each other in mutual wonder. Again I encourage you to check out anyone else who links up as you may just find someone wonderful you didn't know about before.

Is this shameless self promotion? - You Betcha! Is this a desperate plea for some loving? - Hell Yeah! So come on - let the Friendly Stalking begin.

Don't forget to link up your Blog or Blog Facebook Page so I can return the stalking love and check out some of the others whilst you are there! (Please note Spam Links will be deleted).