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Thursday 2 August 2012

I am So Much More than 3 Little Words!

Pin It I was filling out an online profile yesterday and it asked me to summarise myself in 3 words. Seriously? Only three? Impossible!

I am far more complicated than just three little words and I am as many things as I am not.... if you know what I mean. Besides anyone who knows me also knows I am not a woman of a few words so how the hell they expected me to narrow it down to three. little. words.

It really got me thinking though...... Just Who am I?

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So Mr or Ms Web form designer, Please don't insult me by forcing me to summarise who I am. I cannot be summarised ...... no one can be summarised as we are all far more complex than what we appear to be on the surface. And I am not filling out your form so THERE! I'm just going to add a link to this post instead and you can take me .... or leave me.... whatever!

I am meticulous and more than slightly neurotic. I talk too much and I talk too loud especially if I am nervous.

I can be described as psychotic moody as I can swing between super hyped, elated and teary all within seconds. I am emotional and cry at pretty much anything, or I laugh .... uncontrollably at inappropriate times. Oh and I snort!

I am a dreamer ..... a big dreamer and I love nothing more than getting lost in my daydreams.

I am fiercely loyal and protective so don't mess with me or anyone around me.

I am a jack of all trades but a master of none really. It's a typical Gemini trait I'm told. It could also just be laziness.

I am super shy - though you never would guess it (refer back to the point about being loud and talking too much). I worry too much and I think too much, and I probably drink way too many vodka cocktails.

I like savoury things unless I am premenstrual and then I just crave anything that's going. I am a better cook in my head than I am in real life, actually I am better at many things in my head than I am in real life.

I am inconsistent, I change my mind a zillion times a day before I change it back again. I like to think I know what I want and want I like, but sometimes I am not so sure.

I am an adoring mum, a loving but often very trying wife. I am generally a people lover but I hate assholes.

I can over exaggerate like by 2036% percent, or the reverse (what ever that would be called) depending on my mood and who I am talking to.

I am sure I am OCD, let me sign up for a uni degree and complete a thesis on that and I'll get back to you. I am a hard worker, a perfectionist and I have an uncontrollable need to feel organised and in control. I cant stand mess or clutter in my space, but I am blind to it anywhere outside of my own domain.

I tend to throw myself entirely into what ever I am interested in and get completely carried away... until I lose interest and move on to the next thing that catches my attention.

I hold grudges, and though I know I shouldn't - I just do ok! I am impatient so please don't ask me why we have to drop everything right now at 11.30 at night to rearrange the garage... we just do!

I sulk and throw tantrums as often as I jump around like an overexcited looney. I am spontaneous and compulsive but I crave stability and security.

I over commit, over deliver and completely overwhelm myself. I stress ... a lot! About silly things that I have no control over.

I give great advice, but can be very hypocritical in my own actions. Something about not taking my own medicine and all that!

I believe in ghosts and angels and I talk to imaginary people if no one else is listening to me.

I hate conflict and drama and bitchiness and will run a mile at the first sign of it. I have a dent in my bum from sitting on the fence too long. I like it on the fence, I don't hurt anyone from there.

I like bright spaces and the colour white, though I am not sure white is a colour ... but I like it... a lot! I like to touch and to smell things, I am very aesthetic. I love the beauty in simplicity.

I am friendly and bursting with empathy and hate seeing people sad or lonely. I am insecure and often scared but I prefer to pretend I am not.

So you see - I can't describe myself in 3 little words. It's impossible ...... I am so much more than that!

Have you even been asked to describe yourself in three words? Could you?