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Wednesday 29 August 2012

Instagrammly Addicted!

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 I'm not sure if it is all the inspiring photos and ideas you can get from Instagram, the communicating with other like minded people or if it is just simply that I am a total sticky beak and love a voyeuristic squizz into people going about their day. Whatever my motivation may be, I just love it and once I discovered the joy of Instagram I was Instagrammly addicted.
(yeah I know hand me the cornball award!)

But seriously Instagram - Where have you been all my life. You provide me with yet another fabulous way to procrastinate instead of doing what I really should really - which is probably something completely boring in comparison to wasting time on Instagram ... Get my drift!

Now since there is a good chance I am having a nosy around your photos on instagram, I thought it was only fair I give you a little sticky at some of my photos from the past two weeks.
Yet another thing to adore about Instagram is the ability to waste even more HUGE chunks of time looking back over past photos and dreaming about warm sunny days at the beach, cocktails and good times. What's not to love about a time waster like that?

I use Instagram to not only record memories, but to share things I find stumble across in my day, things that I think to myself "I wish someone else could see this too". And that's the beauty of Instagram, you can share anything anytime from anywhere.
There are so many great apps you can use in conjunction with Instagram, you just need to sit down and play around with them to find what works for you.
Now I'm not going to reinvent the wheel by attempting to write any tutorials or guides, because the gorgeous Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim is in fact one of the Queens of Instagram and she has already done all the hard work and provided a great tutorial to get you started and help you navigate your way around Instagram.
You can find her Instagram 101 guide here, and Chantelle has a whole page on her blog dedicated to Instagram tips and apps and Iphoneography which you can check out here.

Are you an InstaAddict too?
Click on the link above and come and say hi.