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Friday 3 August 2012

The Best Caprioska Cocktail Recipe.... Like Ever!

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There is something about Friday afternoon that just makes my fingers tingle, my toes tap and my eyes shine. It could be that it's the start of the weekend or it could be the first drink of the evening. I'm a cheap drunk so it could totally be either.

I have to share this drink with you because it is totally my fave drink of the moment. Even though it is freezing cold and Summer is still a whole 4 months away here in Australia, when it gets to Friday night I like to crank the heating up to a balmy kick your uggs off point, put my feet up and get stuck into one of these.

You all know I have been campaigning to be the Australian Ambassador for Vodka right? If not where have you been hiding? By the way if any Vodka companies are looking for a fabulous blog to sponsor and you happen to be reading this .....Call me!

This drink - The Caprioska, was introduced to me by a fabulous Brazilian friend of ours - Marlos. It was Marlos and his totally gorgeous wife Simone who we were in Byron with earlier this year and we may or may not have worked our way through quite a few of these on that trip.

So I am so not going to talk it up anymore. Just make it OK and you can send me bottles of vodka to show me your gratitude later.

These ingredients make 2 Caprioska cocktails 

2 limes
1 tablespoon caster sugar or brown sugar
2 x 30ml shots of Vodka
Plenty of crushed Ice
Soda Water

Chop up your limes into small pieces and throw into your cocktail shaker.
Add you sugar and muddle them together to make your lime juice.
Put your ice in over the top and add your vodka.
Now stir it all up or give it a good shake. Then add your soda in to fill to the top of your shaker.
Soda and Lime premix is also nice, but does make it a little sweeter.


What's your favourite cocktail or weekend drink?