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Friday 9 August 2013

FORD Choose Your Own Adventure Challenge - Secure

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You may have seen some posts this week on various blogs about the Ford Territory?

Yes. No. Maybe?

Well, if you havent, please let me explain. I've been lucky enough to be chosen among others to participate in this year's Kidspot and Ford's Voices of 2013 Choose your own Adventures challenge.

Basically that means, I get to pretend that this gorgeous car is mine for the next 6 weeks and present 3 posts around a one word theme that relates to the car.

You may recall this film clip I made last year that told the story of my great love affair with this car.

I was truly heartbroken the day we were separated.

This time, I may or may not be tempted to take my family and drive off into the sunset at the end of that 6 weeks, kind of a catch me if you can type of scenario. That remains to be seen.

Just joking ... or kinda.

So without further ado, THIS is the fabulous Ford Territory Titanium and the word I chose as my theme for this post is Secure.

From the very first moment we brought each of you home from the hospital I was secure in the knowledge that I was born for this journey.

For our journey.

My job is to take the lead and guide you safely and securely through all the wonders of this incredible world.

I will hold proudly your hand for all of life's first days and first moments and help you find courage when you need it most.

I will be there to wipe the tears when the hours are unkind, and to be triumphant in your successes.

There will be warm hugs and encouraging words when things don't go to plan. And hopefully enough patience for both of us for those times when you insist on doing things for yourself, your way.

I will sit here in comfortable silence beside you and together we will absorb the beauty that surrounds us in our adventures.

There will be many a time that we will argue over our different views and and you will at times question my directives.

Just trust me and trust in me that I will only ever take you where you need to go.

There will be many memories that we create along the way, and songs that will forever more - sing of stories deep within our hearts.

There will eventually come a time for you to take the wheel, and when that time comes I will help you navigate the bumps and bends and teach you to find your own way.

I will show you how it feels to be truly loved and one day you will pass that unconditional love on to your own.

My sole purpose in life and in our journey together, is to love you, protect you, and to keep you safe.

So feel secure in my promise to you that I WILL do that. Every day, in every way I know how.