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Thursday, 1 August 2013

The One Where I am a REALLY Bad Influence

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Even though I am currently in the process of *ahem* curbing my spending, I still need a fix every now and then and this is one shop I love to lurk around - Down That Little Lane.

I feel very blessed to call Tessa a friend as she has one of the most kindest, genuine and generous hearts like ever!

Recently Tessa asked me to pick some of my favourite items in store to showcase in her Newsletter and the sad sap that I am, I have actually printed it off and put in on my office memo board. I'm kinda hoping that it's a bit like a positive affirmation thing and that my family members may use it as a gift wish list for any future occasion they feel compelled to spend money on me.

Wishful thinking perhaps?


Now I know you are going to hate me for this so I will apologise up front for the fact that I am going to share my favourite picks with you, you know just in case you didn't know that you were destined to fall in love with them too.

I'm nice like that don't you think?

Or Evil.....

The links to the items are underneath in case you have no self control.

You're welcome :)

So - feel like going shopping?