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Tuesday 20 August 2013

This NON Fashion Blogger's Attempt at Some Fashion Blogging

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This post is Brought to you by Target

Let me preface this post by saying that I am so not a fashion blogger, so please try and refrain yourself from laughing at my pathetically lamo attempt at putting together something that even remotely resembles a fashion post.

I tend to buy things I know I am going to feel comfortable in and in whatever colours are tickling my fancy at the time that I am willing to hand over the cash. If my choices happen to be what's in fashion - then that would be a "yay bonus", and if it's not, well then whatever.

My wardrobe these days is very different to what I used to get around in when I was in an office. Gone are the ensembles and the formality of suits and matchy matchy kind of stuff. These days I prefer clothes that aren't too restricting, don't show up stains, don't give my bank manager a coronary and don't require special care when washing.

True story - I once paid a ridiculous amount for a gorgeous white linen shirt. I wore it once and then gave it to my Mum because I couldn't stand the idea of ironing that bastard of a thing.

Lesson learned at my end - HUGE score for my mum and her iron.

Now I know that monochrome is all the rage at the moment, and Gok Wan - Target's Fashion Adviser and Brand Ambassador would fall over in his fancy loafers if he heard this, but I can't and won't do monochrome. I just look kinda of awkward and try hard in it.

To prove my point, I took my poor son shopping with me and his response when I showed him one of the monochrome outfits I was contemplating was "What the Gok Mum????". Yes EVERYONE in this family thinks they're a comedian.

I do love the huge range of Bras for my bangers and I may have chucked up a couple into my basket, but I am so NOT going to show you that photo. Sorry I know how disappointed you must be. In fact I am not going to show you any photos of me in outfits because well truthfully, EVERY SINGLE PHOTO we took makes me look like a complete moron and when I looked at them I was all "My eyes My eyes!!!".

I am just not ready to do that to myself ... or the world for that matter.

Instead I'll show you this photo my son took of me before he sunk deep into the shadows in utter mortification at the embarrassing behavior of his mum.

He also swore he will NEVER EVER go shopping with me again.

Woohoo - do I smell the sweet smell of money NOT being spent??

Does anyone else feel I bear a striking resemblance to Steve Tyler in this photo??
It must be the big mouth!
So anyways so rather than burn your eyes with more photos of me and my Steve Tyler mouth, I have put together some of my fave picks from Target's current fashion range.

If you are a monochrome lover, I do apologise for the absence of that particular style in my choices.

All these products are available at Target online so you don't need to even venture out to get your hands on them.

I may have bought item(s) 1, 2,4, 5 and 9.

Oh OK and 10 and 12.

I really wanted the Wonder Woman undies, but I restrained myself .... for now.
1: Bird Print Tank 2: Heart Wrap Tank, 3: Aviator Sunglasses, 4: Western Boots, 5: Levis Bag  6: Heart Knit Sweater, 7: Printed Gumboots, 8: Camera Girl Shirt 9: Birds Tee, 10: Zip Back Thongs, 11: Swing Dress, 12: Maxi Dress, 13: Jodpur Skinny Jeans, 14: Cargo Pants, 15: Wonder Woman Briefs, 16: Yellow Clutch, 17: Leather Belt

So tell me - Are you into the Monochrome look that is all the go this season?
What's your number one fashion staple?