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Thursday 29 August 2013


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Helloooo, Martha Mudguts is in the house today and she is bringing you some quick slap it together, bang it up on the wall kind of art.

No seriously, this is literally a 10 minute project .. if that!

Our meals room off our kitchen is in need of some updating.

I'm thinking of changing the colour, but I cannot for the life of me make a choice on what colour to slap on that wall. Add to that the fact that I can't really afford to spend money on paint this month as I may have *ahem* overspent on a few shopping trips, and well slap me silly and call me Billy, we have a dilemma.

And so I figured that maybe just updating the artwork will tide me over until next month .... or the month after ... or until I finally make a choice on the colour - whatever comes first.

The artwork I had on the wall was a couple of paintings that I did a few years ago. Some would call them contemporary abstract. I would call them, shove some paint on a piece of cardboard and scrape it down some canvases.

What ever you want to call it, I'm bored with it.

When I was at IKEA a few weeks ago, I scored some awesome fabric table cloths for $2.99. No bull!

$2.99 and they are huge!

I chucked a few of these babies into my basket and I totally plan on making some cushions and Lord knows what else.

Ok, so enough of my rambling - what the hell did I do with this bargain fabric is what you really want to know isn't it?

I grabbed some supplies in the form of spray adhesive and a staple gun, put them on the bench, photographed the crap out of them for your sake and then got to work making some new art.

Cut the material to size so you have a good overlap to staple to the back. Spray the face of your canvas with adhesive and lay the canvas onto the material.

Fold the corners up like you are wrapping a present and staple away.

That's it.

No really - that is it.

Then you grab a rolling pin because your husband has hidden his hammer from you, whack some hooks into the wall, pray they are straight and hang that baby up.

  10 minutes..... No more than that, I promise!

So what do you think? Any suggestions for a new wall colour?