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Monday, 12 August 2013

Little Bits of Happy - In My Kitchen

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Remember the little bits of happy from my office? Well here is this weeks little bit's of happy from my kitchen.

Little things that when I use them or even just spy them out of the corner of my eye, they make me smile.

1. Acqua Panna bottles which I shamelessly brought home with me from a luncheon because I loved them so much.
2. Aura Home Tapas Napkins. Love the colours and these little jewels are do handy for snacks.
3. Stripy paper straws from Sweetstyle
4. Little dessert jars from Sweet Style. I brought a zillion of these as they are perfect for mousses, muesli or jelly etc for parties.
5. Little Milk Jug which was a gift from a friend.
6. Wooden spoon from Bali
7. Wooden condiment bowl from Bali
8. Tala vintage look milk bottles which I use to make and shake salad dressings and marinades. You can get them here
9. Coffee teaspoons. I love the pop of colour from Alfresco Emporium.
10. Stickygrams fridge magnets. You can turn your favourite instagram pics into fridge magnets. I am so in love with this concept.
11. Le Creust Butter dish. This was a gift from a PR company but you can buy them here.

What little bits of happy are floating around your kitchen?