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Monday 11 November 2013

Christmas Gifts For Him For Under $30 + Win One of 4 Target Vouchers!

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There was a period in my marriage where my lovely hubby and I had a bit of a present war going on.

It started when he brought me a garden hedger for my birthday. Seriously a freaking garden hedger!
But wait it gets better, he then followed it up later that year with a meat slicer for Christmas.

Not to sound ungrateful or anything but he was lucky I didn't shove that meat slicer so far up his .....


In retaliation, on his next birthday I brought him some PJ's that said 'Yes Dear' across the front of them and I convinced my Mum and Dad that "Yes of course he TOTALLY wants a Slow Cooker for his birthday". With that I thought that victory would truly be mine, but the bugger really did love both of those gifts. And to really rub my nose in it, he made it a weekly ritual to cook some of the best damn curries I have ever tasted in that cooker all the whilst wearing his 'Yes Dear' pyjamas.

Later that year, about a week before Christmas, I went and purchased myself a very expensive hanging egg chair, just in case he decided to place a carburetor of something equally as unappealing for me under the tree.

All smug with my purchase, I headed home to find a list of typed up clues that led me to my home office where a beautifully wrapped parcel was perched on my office chair.

I'll have you know that when I opened the gift and found a brand new DSLR given to me a week early just so I could enjoy capturing all the memories we love to create in the lead up to Christmas.... I felt like the biggest turd that ever existed.

Even worse, I actually tried to tell him that the lovely hanging egg chair I had just purchased was really for him.

Yep a BIG Turd!

He didn't believe for a single minute that the egg chair was intended for him and I was forced to humbly wave the white flag and call a truce in the present war.

These days I like to make sure there is always something special under the Christmas tree for my gorgeous man and the kids have a ball picking out something special each for Dad.

With three kids who all want to choose their own gift for Dad, a budget has to be set and over the weekend we set out to find the best Christmas gifts for under the $30 mark for their Dad. We found some fabulous Gifts under the $30 budget and a few extras that although they were slightly more, we know that he or any Dad would love.

Here's our shortlist of gift ideas and links to where you can purchase them from Target Online. The ones marked with a star are all under $30.

a: Armani Fragrance , b: Sleep Shorts , c: Adamsville Perfect T'Shirt, d: Liquid Ears, e: Stephen King Novel, f: George Foreman Juicer, g: Leather Belt h: Cufflinks, i: Remington Shaver, j: iCoustic Bluetooth Speaker, k: Car Clean Kit, l: Rechargeable Torch, m: Casual Lace Ups, n: Food & Drink Thermos, o: Leather Thongs, p: TV Series, q: Fuji Film Instax Camera , r: Levis Wild Bag , s: Apple iPad, t: 100 Piece Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit, u: Alarm Clock, v: Killing Fairfax, w: Fast Dry Trunks, x: Maxx Lost Spirits T'Shirt, y: Men's Camo Cargos z: Cool Bar, 1: Russell Hobbs Grill

So how do you fancy the chance to win one of four $30 Target Gift Vouchers to help you with your Christmas Shopping This year?

Just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter Widget below and leave me a comment telling me;
What's the Worst Christmas Gift you have ever received?

Competition is open now and closes 25/11/13 at 7pm AEST
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