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Monday 4 November 2013

To Love or To Loathe - That's NOT Even a Question

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Image by Lucia & Mapp
You can tell it's Monday by the sheer fact that today I am discussing Laundry. Seriously WTF? Is there nothing more interesting in my life than airing my dirty laundry?

Although that being said, I should make it very clear that the pretty picture above is so NOT my pretty laundry blowing in the breeze. I wish!

It's how my laundry looks in my imagination - hanging on a rope between a couple of willow trees in an open paddock by the sea, all light and fluttery, drying in the sunshine and warm breeze.

Before you think I am even more nuts than you ever gave me credit for I should explain - You see I have a bit of an infatuation with hanging laundry on the line.

Hanging laundry on the line is kind of the mummy equivalent to a massage ... kind of ... not really. But taking some time out to disappear outside in the sunshine and hanging some washing is kind of therapeutic.

The kids typically run around the house calling out "MUMMMMM MUUMMMMMM!" and I'm just outside serenely pegging away to my heart's content, all the while pretending I am in a big open paddock with cows and goats wandering by. It's even better if my old dementia friend in the nursing home over the back fence is mooing - it makes my daydream so much more realistic like.

So we have established that I have a bit of a love for hanging washing on the line. And you know what, I'll even go so far as to say I don't mind pulling it down and folding it too, because once again it usually means that I am out in the Sunshine and the kid's rule is in play - if Mummy is pegging don't come begging.

That's not really a rule in our house. In fact I have never even said it out loud until just then as I wrote it, but it's a pretty good rhyme if I do say so myself and I'm totally going to use it in future.

Now, talk to me about putting clothes away or *shudder* ironing and I will have my fingers in my ears and making "LA LA LA" sounds.

THAT I cannot stand.

THAT is one job I despise and loathe with every atom of my being.

No amount of fancy filters, lighting or blurred focus could make the sight of washing that is waiting to be ironed or put away even remotely pretty.

Everyone has a chore they love and one they loathe. What's yours?



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