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Friday 1 November 2013

Halloween Has HallowBEEN

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See what I did with that title? Halloween has HallowBEEN... I actually got really excited about that title. Bahaha its the small things right?

So that is Halloween 2013 done and dusted... thank heavens for that. Although it was totally fun, it was down right exhausting to boot!

The kids were completely manic before the evening got under way. In fact as soon as they climbed out of the car after school drop off and saw how I had decorated the house, they were beside themselves and the chaos officially began.

My Boys were on a complete sugar high last night after raping the neighbours of every last treat, and consequently were an absolute nightmare to get into bed. Once the hubby and I raided their loot we too were also beyond spent and passed out for the night much earlier than usual.

This year I had one little Zombie / Pirate Skeleton (aka couldn't quite make up his mind and so he went as a bit of a hybrid) and I had two super cute nerds.

My fave hands down went to my middle nerd, because he made nerdy look so damn adorableand seeing as I am of the opinion nerds rule, I think I fell in love with that kid all over again.

The packs were out in force and our neighbourhood was alive with every possible ghoul you could imagine. As much as I hate to admit it and I said I would never EVER get into Halloween - I'm such a goner!

You can't help but get caught up in the excitement these little dudes create.

 Did you do anything to celebrate Halloween last night?


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