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Monday 18 November 2013

Little Paper Heaven

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Ever since I was a wee little squidgen I have been obsessed with cute little stationery and paper supplies.

I used to have a massive collection of little smelly rubbers, pretty note paper, stickers and wrapping paper and boxes of cute smelly pens.  I didn't really use any of them. Hell no! They were for looking and smelling and looking really cool in my matchy matchy pencil case and God help anyone who dared to use one of them when I wasn't looking.

Clearly I haven't grown out of that obsession because if you take one look at my office these days you can't help but notice it is full of bright, colourful, cute stuff like note books, stickers, wrapping paper, pens and washi tape.

I found my boys using lashings of my washi tape the other day to tape up cardboard boxes like it was regular old sticky tape and I'm a little ashamed to say that I went completely berserko and pulled the old "Can't I have ANYTHING special just for ME?" out of the bucket.

They thought I had lost the plot getting so upset over sticky tape.

Clearly they DO NOT get it.

So anyways there really is no point to today's post other than me trying to justify why I still collect all that gorgeous girly stuff, and sharing some pics from my visit last week to one of my absolute FAVE paper and stationery stores - Little Paper Lane.

This place is THE bomb. Jayde and Steve, the lucky buggers who created this place are so insanely cool and man I am envious that they are living my childhood dream with this place.

If you are ever in Mona Vale and you are as fanatical about washi tape and gorgeous paper goods as I am, do yourself a favour and pop into the store.

If you aren't local, fear not my friends - they have an online store too. Just remember to warn the kids - DON'T TOUCH THE WASHI!

Ok Enough said. Drool away lovelies :)

Did you collect smelly rubbers and pens wen you were a kid ... or do you still collect them?