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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Caprioska Cocktail Hour

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If you ever walk through the front door of my house, the chances are the very first thing I would do is squeeze the bejeezus out of you in a big squishy hug and then very shortly thereafter i would shove one of these in your hands - a big fat Caprioska.

THIS is my drink of choice. THIS is my tonic and THIS is what I am generally referring to when I talk about needing a cup of coping cordial because the kids / husband / pushy lady at the deli counter / life etc etc has sent me spare crazy.

it is literally the perfect summer drink and I totally blame our Brazilian friend Marlos for getting me hooked on these a couple of years ago. But I hold no grudges against him, how could I? This drink is too damn good to even contemplate getting mad about.

It's not by any means a tricky drink to make and you really don't need any fancy equipment or measuring devices. There's a basic recipe to follow, but I'm more of a slap it in and see how it tastes kind of girl so if you like yours a little sweeter, just add more sugar, less of a sweet tooth then visa versa.

In a cocktail shaker or something like a mason jar with a tight lid, squeeze in your lime juice, chuck in your extra chopped up lime and sugar and muddle it all together with a pestle or the end of a rolling pin. 

When it is all syrupy add in your vodka, a huge whack of chunky crushed ice and give it all a mighty good shake.

In your glass layer some more ice and lime slices and then pour your cocktail mix over the top. Add a couple of straws and baby - you are good to go.

*Added Tip: Put your glass in the freezer to frost up a little whilst you are preparing your mix

Oh and just a heads up, these are a strong drink and they do kind of creep up on you and say BOO when you ;east expect it, so don't plan on driving anywhere in a hurry.

Cheers and enjoy lovelies :) xx

What's your fave cocktail or coping cordial of the moment? 
Come on tempt me - I have a very rubbery arm.