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Friday 22 November 2013

Take Me Back to the Sea

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This old English Proverb has always been a favourite of mine and I try to remind myself of it when things are not running as smooth as I would like them to be, like this week. 

I was booked in today to do a photography course with Robyn from Please Don't Say Cheese and to be honest when I looked outside this morning and saw that the sky was a dark as my moods have been this week, I really didn't want to go anywhere. 

But I did and the moment I stepped out of my car and swallowed that familiar salty air and felt the wind slap at my cheeks, I realised that there was no better place for me to be.

The sea heals me, there is no doubt about it and it is a place where I feel so gloriously insignificant. 

I like that, feeling insignificant.... it puts any troubles, or any worries I have into perspective.

I never tire of doing photography workshops because I learn something new from every single one. Each teacher sees the world a little differently to the last and I find their enthusiasm and utter respect for photography a heady combination that inspires me and makes me fall in love with my own camera all over again.

That's exactly what happened today, and I suspect I will be carrying that camera with me everywhere again for a while.

If you are Sydney based and would love to attend a fabulous photography workshop with the totally down to earth Robyn from Please Don't say Cheese photography, you can find all the details you need on her website here or her Facebook page here.

What's your special place that never fails to heal you?

* I was a guest at Robyn's photography workshop.