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Friday 29 November 2013

And So It Begins... Christmas That Is!

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So this weekend in our house, officially marks the beginning of Christmas and all the fun and shenanigans that comes with it.

The tree and the decorations will go up along with the 50 metre tree lights I over enthusiastically ordered last year. The hubby will go all Griswald on the exterior of the house, the kids will go ridiculously hyper with all the buzz and I'll be sipping on something or other whilst grooving to Michael Buble whom will be pumping from the speakers. No that Michael Buble is much of a pumper but you know what I mean.

Alfie is expected to arrive on Sunday and I know the kids are going to be besides themselves when they are reunited with their cheeky elf.

No doubt you will see his antics on instagram and I'm also thinking a bit of a welcome back party is in order... you know me, any excuse to celebrate.

I also need to pull my finger out and finish the advent calender I have started making for the kids which I will share with you next week.

And I need to seriously think about hitting those shops and finally cross Christmas shopping off the to do list.

Geez Louise - how did Christmas get here so flipping fast?

How's your Christmas planning going?
Is your tree up yet?

If you are like me and a little slow of the mark this year, here's some Christmas pics I found on Pinterest to get you in the mood. Actually the gorgeous pictures below are really just my lame arse excuse for sitting far too long on Pinterest last night. I had to justify it somehow...... or not

Don't forget to check back this weekend for my Christmas Giveaway ;)