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Monday, 23 June 2014

Act Your Age Not Your Shoe Size

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I'm desperately clinging to my baby who at 7 I guess is not really considered a baby anymore.

Flynn is your typical 7 year old youngest child. He wants to act like his big brothers, talk like them, do all the stuff that they get to do and hang out with them to boot.

He annoys the crap out of them, touching all their stuff, wearing their clothes and screaming at the top of his voice to ensure he doesn't miss out on being heard... by anyone.

He licks them, karate kicks them and he eavesdrop on their conversations and then tells anybody and everybody a completely twisted version of what he overheard.

He stopped calling me Mummy at an early age because he heard his older brothers call me Mum and in so many ways he has always just seemed older than what he actually is.

He is tall for his age. He always has been and strangers have often sniffed at his behaviour expecting a child of his age to speak more clearly and act more maturely... except of course he was acting and speaking appropriately, it's just that his height means that most people misjudge his age.

If I am totally honest, much of the time I forget that he is only 7 too.

Until days like today.

Today I had a hyper little 1st grader who was beyond excited to have me go into his classroom and build shelters with him.

He woke up in the usual manner, a grumpy teenager stuck in the body of a midget. But as soon as I reminded him I would be joining him at school, the facade immediately melted away and we were left with one very excited little munchkin jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear.

When he spied me waiting outside his classroom with all the other Mum's and Dad's I was met with the most heart melting grin and enthusiastic waving. He raced out the door to meet me with a hug and wait for it... a "Hi Mummy".

Well melt me down into a pile of goo. He called me Mummy.

As my little 7 year old proudly held my hand and walked me into his classroom, I was reminded yet again of how quickly they grow up and how important it is to let them act their age... their real age, not their shoe size.