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Friday 13 June 2014

Weekend Rewind Blog Hop - Running Out of Things To Say

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It's a quick one for me today folks as I am in I've gotta whole load of shit to get done mode, and I am determined to nail this to do list of mine today so that I can officially kick this week to the curb.

Yesterday, I suffered from my first full blown case of oh crap, I have nothing to say on my blog. My mind literally went blank when I sat in front of the keyboard and I was all hang on ... hold it... nope nothing... wait ... wait... nup nothing coming.

I think it is because this week has kind of kicked me in the ass. It's been busy and there have been deadlines snapping at my bum and responsibilities and grown up stuff that kept giving me a neat little backhander every time I tried to nick off and do something fun or worthy of some serious time wasting.

Parent teacher interviews had me sweating under the collar, kid's sport and homework was leaning over me being all bossy and demanding, and a shitload of my email that got lost in my transfer from a PC to a Mac had my anxiety levels running at a very dangerous I need vodka and 10 kilos of chocolate level.

Just an FYI, don't ever ask me to help you transfer your emails from a PC to a Mac. I may look like I know what I am doing clicking away at this and swiping away at that... but I know shit! I shouldn't be allowed near technology when I am in one of my know it all moods.

The only time I DID manage to get the creativity flowing was at 1.30am on Wednesday night and at that precise moment those ideas floating around in my head about how to make a weaving loom out of recycled fence palings were about as useful as a neck brace to a headless chook.

So this weekend, I am filling my bucket people. I am gonna take all responsibility and chuck it in the 'F##k it bucket' and focus on filling the other bucket full of all the fun stuff I love to do.

There will be crafting with my niece... HOLY SHITBALLS there will be crafting! There will be lamo baking attempts with my kids, there will most likely be a whole lot of house foofing and there will most definitely be a whole load of cocktail making and bad dancing with my beloved hubby in these cool new copper top mason jars I bought from here.

Stress makes me crave dopamine.... what else can I say except ummm they were cheaper than a jeep?????

I think it is good for you to spend a little time refilling your bucket don't you? If anything, just to shut those cranky old voices in your head that insist on reminding you of all the boring grown up stuff you are supposed to be doing.

Besides, life is too short to ever run out of things to say right?


Does your mind ever go blank and you run out of things to say?
What's your favourite way to refill your bucket?

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