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Friday 6 June 2014

Weekend Rewind Blog Hop - Long Live The Queen

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Ahhh it's Friday night, the night before a looooong weekend and there is an extra little spring in my step tonight.

Is there nothing better than the feeling you have on the eve of 3 days of doing stuff all?

You can go ahead and try and name something that beats it, but I'm just gonna sit hear shaking my head saying "nup, bum bah, nope, doesn't even come close" to pretty much everything you say. Unless you were to tell me it was the eve of  me winning a million bucks or something and then I would be all "Hey I need some of what you're on".

God bless the Queen for having a birthday for which we celebrate with a day off work every year.

A day off work that just so happens to fall on MY birthday.

Yep I am a lucky Gemini who gets a long weekend every year for her birthday. Am I gloating? Um YES!!!

When I was a kid I used to think it was insanely awesome that everyone celebrated my birthday with a day off school and a good old fashioned cracker night.

Do you remember cracker night? I have awesome memories of cracker night and I kind of miss it. Although I suspect I would miss it less if I had ever experienced cracker night as a parent of young kids who were running around blowing up letterboxes with home made bungers.

Not that I ever did that of course Mum.... well not much.

Cracker night may be a thing of the past, but I shall forever vote for a monarchy and a matching long weekend - Long live the Queen .... like literally because I am kind of concerned someone might change the public holiday date if Charles or William ever take over the reins.

This weekend I intend on spending a lot of time in my PJs. And by a lot of time I mean I probably won't get out of them.

At all.

Except to maybe shower and put on clean ones ... if I feel so inclined.

I am looking forward to working on a few projects and doing lots of curling up on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket and reading reading reading.

Can you believe there were over 90 links in last week's Weekend Rewind link up?

Bloody awesome effort I say. Well done you guys and now you go and have yourself an insanely awesome long weekend.

Do you remember cracker night?
Did you ever blow up a strangers letterbox?
What have you got planned for this weekend?

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