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Monday 14 July 2014

A Mushy Romantic End of School Holidays Getaway

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So I'm kind of spent. As millions of us pretty much are right at this moment given that here in Australia many of us are in the last few hours of the school holidays.

I've had a great old time with the kids these past two weeks, but man I'm so ready for them to go back to school now. You know just so that my brain can reset and my wallet can regain a little much needed weight, oh and of course so that those gorgeous teachers can enjoy them again all to themselves for a little while.

We are good like that us parents aren't we? You know the way that we so generously want everyone to get to enjoy our kids. *ahem*

So the weekend away Carl and I had in the city was exactly what the Dr ordered, or at least I'm sure he would have had if I'd asked nicely.

There was lots of talking, plenty of those mushy romantic snuggles that make people roll their eyes and gag as they walk past you, and lots of good food... way too much good food. Cocktails, exploring the city and a bath... ohhhhh a long hot bath all to myself. Bliss. Pure bliss. We even managed to sneak in a couple's massage which was fabulously indulgent even despite my dear hubby snoring his way through it.

I was given a Red Balloon voucher for a General Manager's award I received just before I left my job over a year ago. Yes it has taken us that long to use it, and we booked a mystery weekend in the city and scored ourselves a suite at the Grace Hotel which was very comfortable indeed thank you very much.

Running away and acting like a couple of love sick teenagers is a great way to end the holidays in my opinion. If only we could do it at the end of every school holidays then I would be right there with the kids counting down days until school breaks up again.

Then again, maybe the novelty would wear off if you got to do stuff like that too often... although I would be totally willing to test that theory.

I love visiting the city but I love wandering through the outskirts the best. The little inner city terrace houses and cafes tucked away on quiet street corners and alleyways that lead you blindly through the back streets of other people's lives. I love the whole vibe. Wandering around on a Sunday morning and watching the locals go about their morning, you can almost imagine what it would be like to live a life so different from the one you know.

It's nice to pretend for a little while, but I was super keen to get home and hug those squids of ours. As excited as I get about running away for a weekend, surprisingly enough I am even more excited to get home to the munchkins. Kids do weird stuff like that to you don't they? They change you - for the better.

Here's some of the pics we captured whilst we were traipsing around being all mushy and stuff. Hope you had a good weekend guys and the kids enjoy their first day back at school... or at least you do ;)