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Friday 25 July 2014

Weekend Rewind - Birthdays and Quickies

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It's a very quick one from me tonight, and when I say quick I don't mean my usual quick which is actually not really that quick, but rather a long rambling verbal diarrhoea kind of quick. Nope, I mean quick as in if I was a man I would be getting myself some kind of nasal spray kind of quick... except I'm talking about a writing kind of quick which is really quite different to a bam bam in the bedroom kind of quick in which case nasal spray is not going to help anyone here.... gahhhhhh!

Holy crap - see what I mean? I really do have verbal poo!

I am like that at parties when I am saying good bye. I'm all "hey just give me a quick minute to say goodbye" and then 30 minutes later I am still hugging and chatting and hugging some more and you need to literally drag me out of there and then I'll probably have a moan at you about how you were rushing me or something as equally infuriating.

Or on the phone when I ring you and say "Hey just a quick one" and then an hour later I am still chewing your ear off. Yep I do that and clearly I need to do a little more work on the quick thing.

Anyway the reason for my quickness (which really isn't turning out to be so quick after all *insert eyes rolling into the back of my head and cobwebs hanging off my nostrils*) is because it is my hubby's birthday today and I have a chocolate cake to burn and and some Tandoori chicken to destroy in his honour.

So to my long suffering but incredibly precious Carl - Happy Birthday you big spunk!

And to the rest of you who have probably fallen asleep by now or have a cracking headache from my drivel - have an awesome weekend and Happy Weekend Rewinding.

End of dribble.

Do you suffer from verbal diarrohea or do you actually manage to keep it short when 
you say you are going to?

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