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Friday 11 July 2014

Weekend Rewind Blog Hop - The Stackhouses Do TV

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The hubby and I are running away this weekend, just the two of us. I know you want to slap me right?

I want to slap me as I don't believe it is actually happening. A whole weekend (well almost) of just him and me.

Every time one of the kids coughed or sneezed this week, I went into panic mode and forced them to put on about 3 extra layers, eat a bowlful of oranges and dose up on vitamins. I wasn't taking any chance on them getting sick and us having to cancel our weekend.

Carl and I are staying at a fancy pants hotel in the city. We are going out to a fancy pants dinner, having a fancy pants couples massage and we will be busy pretending to be two respectable grown ups who are totally used to such a civilised thing.

Except we are not. We are so NOT used to this kind of thing at all.

Nope, we are total amateurs when it comes to going away by ourselves. In fact I can count only twice that we have ever done it in the 13 years we have had kids, so you can see why I'm a little bit (*ahem* OK a lot) excited.

No doubt we will end up talking about them anyway whilst we are gone, and calling them and reading and responding to about 51 text messages and instagram tags from them about stuff and nonsense.

It's what we do though right? You know we talk it up about how nice it would be to have some time together without the kids and then if by miracle of all miracles the stars align and we do manage to pull it off, we write a massive list for whoever is looking after them about their likes and dislikes, medical history, sleeping habits, birth signs and favourite flavour bubble gum and then we happily head off on our romantic escape only to spend a big chunk of our 'alone' time talking about them, thinking about them and missing them.

Let's just chalk it up to separation anxiety... on my part.


Remember a few months ago I told you how we had a film crew following us around and filming our family in our home? I couldn't tell you much more about it then as it was for a new TV show that was all top secret and so I promised to tell you all about it later. Only I didn't cause I forgot all about it myself and it wasn't until we were fishing last weekend and my phone started beeping with friends saying "Hey! You guys are on TV" and I was all "Oh Shit, that's right. Der!"

Well I can tell you now it was for a TV show on Channel seven called Live Well and the episode we were in was all about raising resilient kids. You can watch us below if you are interested and apart from getting an eye full of my frizz ball head, there is some great advice and tips on dealing with kids who put pressure on themselves to achieve / win and kids who struggle to express themselves.

Alright, must dash. I have a toothbrush to pack and a respectable outfit to pull together for a fancy night out.

Have a great weekend you guys - I look forward to reading your link ups when I get back.

Do you ever manage to get away with just you and your partner?
Do you spend the whole time talking about the kids too?

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